Magento Products: Product Identifier


In Sellercloud, each Magento product can have two identifiers: ID and SKU. The ID-identifier includes only digits, while the SKU-identifier can be alphanumeric.

Manage Magento Identifier

The API used by Sellercloud to update the Magento products operates with either the ID, or SKU identifier, but not both. This is controlled by the respective MagentoProductIdentifierType App Setting. If this setting is not properly adjusted, an error on not existing products will occur.

Magento may try to use the ID-identifier instead of the SKU if the submitted SKU contains only digits. Use the instructions below to update one of the Magento files to resolve this issue.
 /public_html/app/code/core/Mage/Catalog/Helper/Product.php    Line #427
if ($identifierType == ‘sku’) {
        $idBySku = $product->getIdBySku($productId);
            if ($idBySku) {
                $productId = $idBySku;
                $identifierType = ‘id’ ;
            if ($loadByIdOnFalse) {
                $identifierType = ‘id’;

To avoid any problems on Magento integration, contact the Sellercloud Support Team to check the related configuration.


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