Magento Listings Management


When integrated with Magento, Sellercloud submits Listing updates on a regular basis. Once a price, quantity, or listing availability is changed, you can update the respective data on Magento either manually or automatically by configuring the related setting options from the product’s Magento Properties page.

Update Magento Listings

You can force product updates on a channel for single and multiple products manually, automatically, or via file import. See the subsections below for step-by-step instructions.

Prior to updating products on Magento by any of the listed methods, make sure that products are Magento Enabled. For more information on how to do that, refer to the Magento Product Properties Overview.

Manual Update from Product Page

To make changes within Magento Listings and to push them manually, follow the steps described below.

  1.  Access Catalog > Manage Catalog.
  2. Open the requested product.
  3. Click Toolbox, and select Magento Properties.Magento Properties Page
  4. Alternatively, to open the Magento Properties page, either navigate to the Magento icon and click the pencil icon on the Manage Catalog page, or click the Magento icon at the top of the product page.Magento Icon Display
  5. In the upper-right corner, click Edit.
  6. Make the appropriate changes. Click Save.
  7. In the upper-right corner, click Actions, and select Update Inventory on Magento if the quantity field has been changed. Alternatively, select Update Price on Magento if the price has been modified. To update both, select Update Inventory and Price on Magento.Update Magento Listings

Manual Update from Manage Catalog Page

To push the updates of a single product or multiple products to the Magento channel, follow the steps described below.

  1. Access Catalog > Manage Catalog.
  2. Select the product(s) you want to update on Magento.
  3. Click the Actions icon in the bottom-right corner and select the Launch on Channel option.Actions on Manage Catalog Page
  4. In the Launch on Channel dialog box that appears, select Magento and click the Launch button.Launch Product Update on Magento Channel
  5. The task is submitted to a Queued Job. Once processed, the update will be sent to the Magento channel.

Configure Automatic Update

To initiate regular product updates on an automatic basis, make the following adjustments.

  1. Access Settings > Companies.
  2. Open the Company you want to configure automatic product updates on the Magento channel.
  3.   Click Toolbox and select General Settings.Magento Controls Settings per Company
  4. In the upper-right corner, click Edit.
  5. Select the appropriate setting options on the Controls panel.Magento Control Options per Company
  6. Before saving the changes, enter and confirm the password.

Bulk Update

Follow the below steps to update products on Magento via file import.

  1. Access Catalog > Tools > Import Product Info.
  2. Select the Bulk Product Update option. To get more information on how to use this option, refer to Bulk Product Update Feature.
  3. Use the columns listed in the below table when creating a template for updating products on Magento.
MagentoEnabledPosts a product on Magento. Expected values are True or False.
MagentoTitleProduct Name to be displayed on Magento.
MagentoViewURLThe URL assigned by Magento.
ExportedForMagentoMarks a product as exported for the Magento site.
ExportedForMagentoOn Date of product export for the Magento site.
MagentoCategoryListReflects the Magento Category ID.  When adding multiple categories, separate them with commas.
MagentoFreeShippingEnabledEnables free shipping for Magento. Expected values are True or False.
MagentoMaxQtyForCartSends the maximum quantity allowed for shopping on Magento.
MagentoMinQtyForCartUseGlobalSends the minimum quantity allowed for shopping on Magento.
MagentoQtyToMakeOutOfStockWhen the quantity falls below the specified number, the product will be considered out-of-stock.
MagentoQtyToMakeOutOfStockUseGlobalUse the default setting for out-of-stock quantity.
MagentoSpecialPriceMagento sale price.
MagentoSpecialPriceFromDateSale Price start date.
MagentoSpecialPriceToDateSale Price end date.
MagentoTaxClassReflects the product Tax Class: Global, None, Taxable Goods, or Shipping. Select Shipping if you charge additional taxes on shipping.

To access the related setting options, go to Settings > Client Settings > General Client Settings > Advanced.

Allow To Send Matrix Parent Inventory And Price To MagentoEnable the option to update Inventory and Price of the Matrix Parent along with updating Magento Listings.
Send In-Stock Status to Magento based on Inventory AvailabilityEnable the option to avoid sending the product’s In-Stock status to Magento if there are no items available.

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