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Sellercloud allows you to upload specific Magento attributes by adding new fields to the product page, and to update Magento Listings once any of those custom fields are changed. With the help of Company Settings, you can map Sellercloud fields to Magento attributes.

Map Magento Attributes

Follow the steps below to map Sellercloud fields with requested Magento attributes.

  1. Go to Settings > Companies > Manage Companies > Open a company.
  2. From the Toolbox,  go to Magento Attributes Mapping.Magento Attributes Mapping
  3. At the top, select an attribute set to be applied. Mapping must be done separately for each Magento attribute set.
    Attribute Mapping that was configured before Sellercloud revamp of Magento Attribute Sets was saved and can be located under the Default attribute set option.
  4. Select the table the requested Sellercloud field is located at.  Most standard fields are located under the bvc_Product table, but the channel-related fields are stored in their respective channel tables. Custom Columns are stored in the User_Defined table. For images to be mapped, select the Image table.
  5. Navigate to the requested Sellercloud field, and enter the Magento Attribute in the respective Attribute Name text field. The code name of the Magento Attribute must be entered.
  6. Scroll down, and click Save.
  7. Once configured, go to the requested product page. Select Magento Properties, from the Toolbox.
  8. On the Listing Details panel, select the appropriate Attribute Set.Magento Listing Details
  9. Once selected, new fields will appear below the regular Sellercloud fields. These can be populated with the requested values to update Magento Listings.
  10. When updating a product, Sellercloud will first look at the Magento Attribute fields on the Magento Properties page. If the field has a value, it will update the product with that value. If there is no value, then it will then refer to Attributes Mapping.

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