Channel Integrations in Sellercloud

The table below shows all the channel integrations currently available in Sellercloud. We are continually adding new ones to meet our client’s needs.

ChannelIntegration TypeChannel Specifics
3DCartWebsite integration via 3DCart’s API or pluginAPI key found in the Admin Portal. Access Settings > Modules >
Search for SOAP API.
AAFES / The ExchangePluginsProduct Custom Columns

  • AAFES_ItemCode (required)
  • AAFES_SaeftyQty (optional)

Custom Company Settings0

  • ISAControlNumber; STControlNumber; GSControlNumber – Can be set to 1.
  • AAFES_CustomerISAID; AAFES_ISAID – Provided by AAFES.
  • AAFES_HandlingFeePerOrder— Sets handling fee for
  • AAFES_SendOnOrderInsteadOfDiscontinuedIn846InventoryFeed – If True, the expected in-stock date will be sent for out-of-stock
    items. If false, the discontinued stock will be flagged.
AmazonAmazon’s APIRefer to this article.
Amazon FBA
Amazon’s APIRefer to this article.
Amazon Vendor Central
Amazon’s APIRefer to this article.
EDI plugins
AspDotNet Storefront
APIIntegrating AspDotNet accounts requires performing a connection test from
Actions. Download categories from Actions. They will display on
Website Properties page of products for selection.
Back Market
APIProduct custom columns:

  • BACKMARKET_ID – REQUIRED. The ID is unique for each product and can be found on Back Market.
  • BACKMARKET_GRADE – REQUIRED. You have the choice between 0, 1, 2, 3, or 4. 0 is for Mint, 1 for Very Good, 2 for Good, 3 for Fair & 4 for Stallone.
Bed Bath & Beyond
Through CommerceHub using EDI documentsCommerceHub Account is required. They will create 7 test orders for the test
environment. EDI and FTP credentials are provided by CommerceHub. If using
SFTP, select Enable Secure FTP (SSH), and input 22 in
Port. If using default FTP, input 990 in
Through Mirakl
Through CommerceHub using EDI documentsFill out the following information provided by BestBuy:

  • BestBuy Seller ID
  • BestBuy Partner ID
  • BestBuy Participating Party
  • BestBuy Partner Name
  • BestBuy Vendor/Merchant ID

CommerceHub will provide FTP credentials.

BestBuy DS
EDICredentials provided by BestBuy.
Website integration through BigCommerce APIYou must create an API account through your BigCommerce account.

  1. Access BigCommerce Account > Settings >
    Advanced Settings >
    API accounts >
    Create API Account.
  2. Enter your BigCommerce account name and credentials. Once saved,
    your API credentials will generate and appear. Copy and paste these
    into Sellercloud.
BJ’s Wholesale Club
Through CommerceHub using EDI documentsCommerceHub Account is required. They will create 7 test orders for the test
environment. EDI and FTP credentials are provided by CommerceHub.
Through Mirakl
Bonanza’s APICredentials are gathered from your Bonanza account. In Sellercloud, use
Actions > Fetch Token. Login to
your Bonanza account to copy the token to paste into SC. Select
Actions > Verify Token.

For Booth Name, do not enter the Booth URL. Instead, input your
profile ID found here:********/profile (********* is your profile ID).
Currently supporting only EDI 846 inventory export
EDI pluginsYou must be registered as a seller on their site to receive credentials.
In Sellercloud, select Actions >
Fetch Token. If the credentials are correct, the token should
automatically populate in Access Token.

If the token does not successfully validate, go to your
CDiscount portal > Settings > Personal settings and bank details
> Connection Information > Set up an account for API on “” Next, enter the credentials into the CDiscount General Settings page in Sellercloud.
Claim The Web
FTP pluginFTP and admin login credentials are obtained from ClaimTheWeb.
This is a second way to integrate Boscov’s through open text. In
Via CommerceHub
CS-Cart APIAn API Username and Password must be generated on CS-Cart.2 plugins need
to be deployed. These plugins can be deployed by Sellercloud Support or
given to your developers.

  • The DLL plugin is deployed on your Sellercloud server. The PHP
    plugin is deployed on the CS-Cart FTP.
  • Currently, we are supporting V2 and V3 type listing part export.
EDI pluginsValues provided by Cymax:

  • CymaxSellerISAID
  • CymaxISAID
  • CymaxISAControlNumber
  • CymaxSTControlNumber
  • CymaxGSControlNumber 

Required custom column:

  • CymaxWayBillNumber – Here we save
    the freight shipment number. Required for the order plugins.
EDI documentsSellercloud’s EDI integration with DSW goes through
Radial (VendorNet). VendorNet will provide ISA Qualifiers and IDs. FTP
information is provided by DSW.
eBay’s APIRefer to this article.
Etsy’s APITo integrate, you must fetch API information from Etsy. In Sellercloud,
select Actions > Fetch Token. Login
to Etsy, copy the API information and paste it into Sellercloud.
Evine (ShopHQ)
Through CommerceHub using EDI via VAN (BoldVan) connectionWhen integrating Evine Live, you will be assigned a Partner Setup
Specialist who will work with Sellercloud Support to integrate your
accounts. FTP info is provided by Sellercloud. ISA Qualifiers and IDs
provided by CommerceHub.
Through CommerceHub using EDI via VAN (BoldVan) connectionTo integrate, you need:

  • CommerceHub Account
  • BoldVan Mailbox Account- set up by Sellercloud Support.

FTP info, ISA Qualifiers, and IDs are provided by CommerceHub.

Similar to NewEgg US integrations. Must be configured in a separate company
Fullbeauty (One Stop Plus )
FTPOneStopPlus will provide the following information:

  • Seller ID
  • Participating Party
  • Participating Party Name
  • Partner ID
  • Partner Name
  • Vendor/Merchant ID
  • Inventory FTP Credentials

FTP credentials are provided by CommerceHub.

Google Shopping Actions
To integrate, you must:

The Merchant ID is obtained from your Google Merchant Center. For
authentication, select Actions >
Fetch Token. Copy and paste into Sellercloud. In your
Merchant Center, you must set the required pages and settings.

  • Choose a product feed
  • Select roles for Payment and order manager and admin
  • Upload branding
  • Setup tax settings
  • Set return policies
  • Setup payments
  • Input Customer Service Contact Email
  • Select Marketing Settings
  • Input Privacy Policy URL

Your account will be submitted for review. This generally takes about a
week. Watch for emails from Google Support.

Groupon Marketplace
EDIFTP and ISA Qualifiers and IDs will be supplied by CommerceHub. They
will provide you with an FTP for testing and production. Select
Enable Secure FTP (SSH)
FTP EDI documentsTo integrate with Sellercloud, you must sign up to sell on Hayneedle.
Completion of the Hayneedle Trading Partner Onboarding Sheet is

  • Customer ISA ID— This is an arbitrary number. Typically, the
    client’s  phone number is used
  • Customer ISA Qualifier— ZZ
  • Hayneedle ISA— 01
  • Hayneedle ISA ID— 001658520 (use 001658520T for testing)
  • Connect Method— VAN
  • 3rd Party Vendor Name— Liason
  • ANSI x12 version— 4030
  • EDI Documents requested— 846, 810, 850, 997, 855, 856

Hayneedle will provide the Supplier ID. Sellerloud Support will give you
the FTP credentials.

Home Depot
Through CommerceHub using EDI via VAN (BoldVan) connectionCredentials provided by Home Depot:

  • HomeDepot ISA Qualifier
  • HomeDepot ISA ID
  • HomeDepot Seller ID

Credentials provided by CommerceHub:

  • Remit ID
  • HomeDepot Shipping Reference Number- for use by ShipBridge
  • FTP credentials

Credentials provided by Sellercloud Support:

  • VAN credentials
The Supplier/Warehouse ID credential serves the same
purpose as the Remit ID.
API and pluginsRegister for the API to obtain API keys. Select all four options and
Complete Registration. You will receive an email when
approved. Houzz will provide:

  • Application ID
  • Application Username
  • Application Token

Select whether you are a Vendor or Seller.

FTPYou must
create an account with HSN. Once you complete testing, you can go live. HSN will provide the following credentials in Sellercloud:

  • Sender ID
  • Receiver ID
  • Vendor ID
  • FTP Server, User Name, Password, and Port
FTP via EDI documents
JC Penney
Through CommerceHub using EDI documentsCommerceHub provides

  • Testing instructions
  • FTP credentials
  • JCPenneyReceiverID

GS1_CompanyPrefix— used by Sellercloud plugin

ISAControlNumber, GSControlNumber, and
STControlNumber cannot have a value of zero.

EDI pluginsProvided by Kirkland:

  • KirklandSeller_ISAID
  • Kirkland_ISAID
  • KirklandSeller_VendorNumber
  • ISAControlNumber
  • GSControlNumber
  • STControlNumber

Required Product Custom Columns :

  • KIRKLANDS_SKU— stores Kirklands SKU


  • Product Export (EDI 846)
  • Order Import (EDI 850-860)
  • Tracking Export (EDI 856)
  • Invoice Export (EDI 810)
Scheduled tasks and pluginProvided by KMart:

  • KMart ISA Qualifier
  • KMart ISA ID
  • KMart Seller ID
  • Login Email
  • Login Password

Credentials provided by Sellercloud Support:

  • KMart FTP Server
  • KMart FTP User Name
  • KMart FTP Password
Lightspeed POS
APILightspeed POS integration requires fetching a token for API
credentials. Be sure to give API user access to all records > click
Authorize Application.For the redirect URL, enter: (where xx is
your server ID)
Living Social
PluginIntegration is achieved via file uploads using customized plugins that
allow for import and export of Living Social formatted files. The three
plugins needed for integration are:

  • Living Social Order Import plugin
  • Living Social Tracking Export plugin
  • Living Social Invoice plugin

Living Social orders will be imported under the customer email Orders will import as Paid.
CommerceHub EDI integration via plugins
Two integrations:

  • Direct via EDI and plugins
  • CommerceHub EDI integration via plugins
Website integration via FTPRefer to this article.
Mycrosoft Dynamics RMS
FTP and scheduled tasksThe integration operates with Sellercloud as the master hub. It performs
the following functions:

  • Pulls completed orders, backorders, layaway, and returns into
    Sellercloud. These orders update aggregate and physical inventory
  • Creates new products, and updates existing products, from
    Sellercloud to RMS. This ensures that the product is available in
    RMS for customer checkout

Sellercloud Support must set up a window service on the PC on which RMS
is installed. Specialized product export and order import plugins need
to be installed on the Sellercloud server. The RMS integration also
necessitates an FTP for transferring files between Sellercloud and the
RMS server. Sellercloud can host your FTP for an additional fee.
Scheduled tasks need to be set up for the export and import to automate
the integration.

NetSuite Web Services API, via pluginThe first 6 settings need to be set up for
the default company only:

  • NetSuiteService_AccountID— NetSuite account ID. This is available
    in NetSuite under Setup > Integration >
    Web Services Preferences. 
  • NetSuiteService_Username— login username (email)
  • NetSuiteService_Password— login password
  • NetSuiteService_UserRoleID— the role id of the user (must be an
    admin or full access role)
  • NetSuite_ShippingItemID— to add to order items for shipping charge.
    The ID would be the actual shipping itemid in NetSuite.
  • NetSuite_PromotionItemID— to add to order items for a discount. (The discount will be added to NS as the negative number. Ex: if the
    discount is $10, the discount item in NS would be for $-10). The ID
    would be the actual promotion itemid in NetSuite.
Network Solutions NS Commerce Space
Newegg APILog into your Newegg Seller Portal and obtain an API secret key. Credentials obtained from Newegg for this connection:

  • API secret key
  • Merchant ID
Newegg FTP
To integrate Sellercloud with your account, you must enable
FTP access from your Newegg Seller Portal
In order to integrate Sellercloud with your account you will
have to enable FTP access from your Newegg Seller Portal. Newegg sellers
can create/manage FTP access by completing the following steps:

  1. Log into Seller Portal.
  2. Go to Manage Account > Data Feed Setting > FTP Settings >
  3. Enter password information > Save.
  4. Go to Sellercloud to input FTP credentials.
Newegg Business
API or FTPLog into your Newegg Business Seller Portal and obtain an API secret key. Credentials obtained from Newegg for this connection:

  • API secret key
  • Merchant ID

Integrating with FTP:

  • If setting up for the first time, click Request in
    the FTP settings in Sellercloud. Fill in the password fields and
  • If updating your password, click on the password field under FTP
    settings in Sellercloud. Enter the password into both fields and save.
    Your change will be reflected in about 10 minutes.
Newegg Canada
Similar to Newegg US integrations. Must be configured in a separate companyThe integration is nearly identical to Newegg US, except that it needs
to be configured in a company set up for Canada.

  1. Create a new company (if you do not yet have a Canadian company set
  2. Select CA as the Country Code
  3. Select CAD as the Currency.
  4. Complete the profile and save.
  5. Configure the Newegg Settings, as per the instruction for Newegg US,
    using the credentials supplied by Newegg Canada. It’s recommended to
    use the API connection.
APIEmail and title your email “Need Oauth Token” to
get a NordstromDSCO_Token. Plugins:

  • Nordstrom DSCO Inventory Export – Needs to be set as Product Export

    • Products must exist in DSCO
    • Custom Column ‘NordstromDSCOItemID’ must be set in Sellercloud
      or the product will be skipped
    • Custom Column ‘NordstromDSCOSafetyQty’ can be used to set safety
      qty for Nordstrom on a product level
    • Inventory— SafetyQty will be updated
    • Prices will not be updated
  • Nordstrom DSCO Order Import – Needs to be set as Order Import Task.
    • Downloads all NEW orders from DSCO and creates them in
    • Sends an order acknowledgment to DSCO for each order to move it
      to Shipment Pending status so it will no longer be included in
      the NEW orders download (status can be changed manually on DSCO
      if an order needs to be re-downloaded)
    • Orders are created as PAID, under user
    • The “SKU” field on the order response must match the UPC in Sellercloud, and that is how the product will be found
  • Nordstrom DSCO Tracking Export – Needs to be set as Order Export

    • Sends tracking for all orders selected by saved search, marks
      orders as “SrcUpdatedForShipping” (so saved search can filter by
      this field)
Office Depot
OJ Commerce
Plugins’ integration via EDI documents (855, 856, 850, 846, 810)OJ Commerce can be integrated with Sellercloud through plugins. These
need to be set using scheduled tasks:

  • Tracking export— Exports tracking information to OJCommerce in EDI
    856 format.
  • Order Import— Imports order info from OJCommerce in EDI 850 file.
  • Product Export— Exports inventory to OJCommerce into EDI 846 file
  • Invoice Order Export— invoice Order export EDI 810.
  • Order Export— Order export to OJCommerce in EDI 855 format
FTP plugin
PluginRegister to sell on OpenSky here. Contact Sellercloud Support to have the required plugins installed on your server.
FTP via EDI documentsApply to sell on Overstock here. Provided by Overstock:

  • FTP credentials
  • Qualifiers and IDs

Make sure to Switch to EDI Settings from
Actions in Sellercloud.

Enable SFOS and set the port to 10022.

Pier 1 Imports
Website plugin integration through PrestaShop’s API
PluginSellercloud’s integration is comprised of manual order imports, tracking
exports, and product exports. Quibids does not offer FTP file sharing,
so the files will need to be transferred manually. If you have
integrated a website with Sellercloud (other than a Magento website),
create a separate company for Quibids. This is because Quibids orders
will import as “Website” orders, so you will want to separate them from
your regular Website. You do not need to create shadows, as inventory is
not updated from Sellercloud with inventory feeds.
FTPIntegrate through Profiles and Scheduled Tasks.
Reverb APIObtain API credentials from your Reverb Seller Hub:

  1. Click Apps > Create Your App
  2. Create App profile for Sellercloud.
    1. Application URL = (Replace the underscore with your server ID) For example TT
    2. Redirect URL =
  3. Press Credentials. Copy and paste into Sellercloud.
PluginSellercloud’s integration is comprised of a manual order import and
tracking export. If you have integrated a website with Sellercloud
(other than a Magento website), create a separate company for RueLaLa.
This is because the regular RueLaLa order import will import orders as
“Website” orders, so you would want to separate them from your regular
Website. You do not need to create shadows, as inventory is not updated
from Sellercloud with inventory feeds.
Sam’s Club
Sears APICredentials from Sears Seller Portal:

  • Login
  • Password
  • Seller ID

To obtain:

  1. Access Sears Seller Portal > Account Info >
    Generate New Key.
  2. Copy and paste the authorization key into Sellercloud.
  3. Select your store and fulfillment locations.
Website integration via Shopify’s APIFor this integration, you have to select Actions >
Get Token in Sellercloud from company settings >
Shopify General.
Smart Bargains
FTPFTP credentials are provided by Smart Bargains.
Webcart plugin integration
Website Cart integration via API
Through CommerceHubRefer to this article.
Walmart DSV
APISellercloud connects to Walmart DSV via API to update inventory, download orders, and upload tracking.
Walmart Marketplace
APIObtain API credentials from the Walmart Marketplace portal. Refer to these guidelines for US and CA accounts.
EDIComplete the EDI Integration Form for Wayfair:

  1. Section One: Contact Information— Complete contact information.
  2. Section Two: Connectivity & Documents Options
    1. Connection Type – FTP Direct Connection – Enter Yes
    2. Transaction Type – ANSI X12 – EDI – Enter Yes
    3. Process:
      1. Inventory – Yes
      2. Purchase Orders – Yes
      3. Order Acknowledgment – Yes
      4. Advanced Shipment Notifications –Yes
      5. Invoice – Yes
    4. EDI Configuration Version – enter Yes in the 4010 box
    5. Production ISA:
      1. Qualifier – Enter ZZ
      2. ID – Use the company telephone number
    6. Test ISA:
      1. Qualifier – Enter ZZ
      2. ID – use the company telephone number and add an optional “T” at the end
  3. Section Three: Inventory Options
    1. Frequency— choose Hourly and enter 2

For Wayfair CastleGate:

Contact Sellercloud Support to install the CastleGate plugins and Custom Columns


  • CastleGate EDI850 Order Import
  • AR CastleGate EDI945 Tracking Import
  • CastleGate EDI 810 Order Export
  • MH CastleGate Inventory

Custom Product Columns

  • Castle_Gate_SKU

Custom Order Columns

  • CastleGate_SuppID
  • CastleGate_WarehouseID

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