Jewel Properties


Sellercloud allows you to configure attributes that are unique to jewelry. In this article, you will learn how to set the Jewel Properties of your products.

You can specify the size and type of any specific element, such as a bracelet, chain, clasp, and back. You can also create product variations, add images, configure eBay and Amazon-specific settings, and more.

Set Jewel Properties

To access and update jewel properties:

  1. Go to a Product Details Page.
  2. Click Toolbox and select Jewel Properties.
  3. Click Manage Matrix to create an N-Matrix.
  4. Select among the following tabs to configure different properties and settings:
    1. General – to configure general and eBay properties.
    2. Amazon Properties – to configure Amazon properties.
    3. Images – to configure images.
    4. Magento Properties – to enable the product for Magento.
If you don’t see the Jewel Properties option in your products’ Toolbox, contact Sellercloud Support to enable it.


The General tab offers the following options:

TitleThe item’s title.
eBay TitleThe item’s eBay title.
DescriptionThe item’s description.
Master SKUThe Master SKU is useful in case of a SKU mismatch. This field can be used to link a SKU in a third-party software, such as QuickBooks, to the Sellercloud SKU. It is also defined on the Product Details Page > Identifiers panel > Master SKU.
Manufacturer/BrandThe item’s Manufacturer.
Product TypeThe item’s Product Type.
CompanyThe item’s Company.
ActiveThe product status.
Inventory AvailableThe Product Quantity that is available for sale.
Physical Inventory QtyThe total Product Quantity, including unsellable and reserved units.
ReplenishableThe item’s Replenishable setting.
CostThe Product Cost.
Main PriceThe default Product Price.
MSRPThe Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price.
EBay BIN PriceThe Buy It Now Price at which you’re ready to sell immediately for eBay Auctions.
EBay Start PriceThe minimum bid amount for eBay Auctions.
WeightThe item’s weight.
LengthThe item’s length.
WidthThe item’s width.
HeightThe item’s height.
DiameterThe item’s diameter.
UPCThe item’s Universal Product Code.
Tax CodeThe item’s tax code.

Amazon Properties

The Amazon Properties tab offers the following options:

Product TypeThe jewelry type – Fashion/Fine Necklace, Bracelet, Anklet, Ring, Earring, or Other.
Item TypeThe item type – Bracelet, Necklace, or Pendant, with multiple available sub-types.
Variation ThemeThe variation theme lists the different dimensions, such as size and color, in a Custom Product Column called VARIATION_THEME.
Total Dimension WeightThe item’s total dimension weight in one of several measurement units.
Bracelet SizeThe bracelet size in one of several measurement units.
Chain LengthThe chain length in one of several measurement units.
Ring SizeThe ring size from 1 to 13.
Neck SizeThe neck size in one of several measurement units.
Metal TypeThe metal type – Copper, Silver, Gold, etc.
Chain TypeThe chain type – Link, Rope, Snake, etc.
Clasp TypeThe clasp type – Box, Bead, Barrel, etc.
Back FindingThe back finding – Clip-on, Ear-wire, Fishhook, etc.
Metal StampThe metal stamp – Silver, Sterling, Stainless Steel, etc.
Target AudienceThe target audience – Men, Women, Unisex, etc.
Used ForThe typical occasion – Anniversary, Engagement, Wedding, etc.
Other AttributesAdditional attributes related to the style, engraving, shape, etc.
Subject ContentThe subject content – Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc.
Bullets 1-5Bullet points used to draw attention to important information.
Search 1-5Keywords used by the search engine to match queries.
Material 1-4The materials used to craft the item.

Amazon’s Handmade Jewelry category is not the same as the Fine Jewelry category. Although handmade products are configured with a size dropdown, they are standard products and not N-Matrixes comprised of different variants. If the main SKU has inventory, all sizes will be available.


The Images tab offers the following options:

Gallery/DescriptionUpload a main Gallery Image.
Supplementary 1-5Upload up to 5 Supplemental Images.
Existing Images
TagSet the image’s alt tag attribute.
SourceSee the image’s source.
Supplemental description imageSet as a Supplemental Image.
OrderChange the image’s order.
Set as Gallery imageSet as the Gallery Image.
Description Default ImageSet as a Description Image.
Other ImageSet as an additional image.

Magento Properties

The Magento Properties tab lets you check Magento Enabled to enable the product for your Magento website.

Gem Stones, Diamonds, and Pearls

You can also set properties for gems, diamonds, and pearls. These options are available under each of the tabs covered above. You can specify the following:

StoneSet the type of stone – Agate, Amethyst, Aquamarine, etc.
ShapeSet the type of shape – Baguette, Half-moon, Heart, etc. 
SettingsSet the setting type (mounting, hold, or fixture) – 2-Prong, Bezel, Cluster, etc.
ClaspTypeSet the clasp type – Box With Tongue, Double Safety, Easy Hook, etc.
ChainTypeSet the chain type – Anchor, Ball, Cable, etc.
CreationMethodSet the creation method – Natural, Synthetic, Simulated, etc.
LengthSet the length.
UOMSet the length’s Unit of Measure.

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