Inventory Value Reports Overview


Inventory Value Reports provide a detailed inventory breakdown, per product or warehouse. They show the value of your inventory, product aging, unsold inventory, detail the quantity on hand for any given date, and more.

For answers to general questions about using Sellercloud’s Financial Reporting Suite, see the Reports FAQ.

Key Points

Review all key points before using the reports.
  • By default, inventory report data is not real-time. The reports’ accuracy will vary depending on the time of day. Your server has built-in services that check for item changes and record daily inventory counts.
    Note:  The following reports have a Date Type filter, which you can set to Real-Time to reflect the most recent information available:

  • Inventory quantity and value are stored each day for the past 180 days. After that period passes, Sellercloud only keeps a record of each month’s first and last day.
  • The reports don’t include inventory of non-independent kits.
  • The following reports have a Group Products by Parent SKU filter, which you can set to No to display a shadow SKU breakdown:

Inventory Value Reports

There are ten inventory value reports. Each of them offers different features:

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