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When you create a new product in Sellercloud, it’s automatically marked as Active. However, in some cases, you may need to mark your products as Inactive. The Inactive status of a product is an internal Sellercloud status that is mostly used to hide products from the Manage Inventory page and other product searches.

If you want a particular product to be excluded when you search your inventory, you can mark it as an Inactive Product. This makes it disappear from the usual searches because those searches are set up to show only Active products. However, if you specifically look for Inactive products, they’ll appear in the grid, but their rows will be grayed out.

Inactive SKUs cannot be added to orders. The Inactive status will also affect product feeds sent to channels. An Inactive product will send zero inventory to any channel, while keeping the listings active.

Set As Inactive

You can set products as inactive individually or in bulk. 

The Active status on an item is shadow-persistent. This cannot be disabled.


To set an individual product as inactive, navigate to:

  1. Catalog > Manage Catalog > Open your Product.
  2. On the Product Details Page, click Edit.
  3. Navigate to the General Panel and deselect the Is Active checkbox.
  4. Click Save.

In Bulk

To set multiple products as inactive, navigate to:

  1. Catalog > Manage Catalog > Select Products.
  2. Action Menu > Set As Inactive.
  3. A confirmation message will appear.
  4. Click Yes.

Alternatively, you can use our Bulk Update Tool with the column header Status, where the acceptable values are either Active or Disabled.

Filter Inactive Products

You can filter your search to look for inactive products. 

  1. Go to Catalog > Manage Catalog.
  2. Select Inactive from the Active Status dropdown.
  3. Click Search.
In contrast to Inactive products, which are typically temporarily unavailable but could be brought back for sale in the future, a Discontinued product indicates that the supplier is no longer producing the item and it has reached the end of their lifecycle in your inventory. Learn more about Discontinued Products.

The following relevant Client Settings are available:

  • Do not send inactive product inventory to Magento
    • Enable this setting to ensure that products marked as inactive won’t have their inventory sent to Magento. 
  • Do not allow to make product inactive or discontinued if has inventory
    • This setting prevents marking a product as inactive or discontinued as long as it still has remaining inventory. Inactive products are temporarily unavailable, while discontinued products are permanently removed from production and won’t be sold again.

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