Import Inventory Information


Sellercloud allows you to import information about inventory in bulk so that you can easily manage your products. From the Import Inventory Info page, you can import inventory adjustments, manual reserves, warehouse bin information, images, and more.

See our Import Product Information for more bulk import options.

Import Inventory Info

To import inventory info:

  1. Go to Inventory Tools > Import Inventory Info.
  2. Use the Import Data panel to choose your task. The available import options are listed below.
  3. Download the desired ExcelCSV, or TXT template, populate it, and upload it back to Sellercloud. Note that you can create template files and save them for future use.import inventory information

Below are the available import options:

  • Import Inventory Adjustments — You can easily adjust the physical quantity of a product when needed. For example, if a product was damaged in the warehouse, you simply adjust the inventory to reflect one less by entering -1. If you found more inventory that was previously not entered, you would adjust the quantity accordingly to show more.
  • Import Manual Reserves — You can set aside an inventory amount to be used for a selected channel or customer when orders come in. This inventory amount is called product inventory reserve. The reserve has a specific quantity and a time period during which it is active. While active, the reserved amount is deducted from the sellable inventory. Incoming orders will deduct from that reserved amount with priority.
  • Import Physical Inventory — You can set a physical inventory to determine how much product you have in stock. Setting a physical inventory refers to specifying the actual quantity of the product in a warehouse. The quantity entered is the quantity you have in stock.
  • Import Inventory Via Profile — You can import information using an inventory profile. A product profile lets you create new products and update existing product information by importing a file that is not in Sellercloud format.
  • Import Warehouse Bin Info — You can initialize or update bins using a template. Additionally, if your bin quantities are maintained in a system external to Sellercloud, this is an easy way to update all quantities in Sellercloud at the same time.
  • Import Assemble Kits — You can assemble independent kits in bulk through a file import.
  • Import Product Warehouse Images File — You can import product warehouse images in bulk using URLs.


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