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Houzz Locations is a feature that allows you to manage and track inventory across multiple physical locations. It helps fulfill orders from the closest or most appropriate location, track inventory levels, and manage stock transfers. This article explains how to set up and map your Houzz Locations in Sellercloud.

If no locations are created or mapped, or in the case of an error, such as an invalid Location ID, Sellercloud will automatically revert to the default logic and send a combined inventory feed (not based on locations).


First, you must create and configure locations on the Houzz portal before adding them to Sellercloud.

After you integrate Sellercloud with your Houzz account and create your Locations, you should add and map them to your Sellercloud Warehouses.

Manage Houzz Locations

Seamlessly create, edit, or delete Houzz locations in Sellercloud and manage their associated safety quantity as needed.

Create Locations

You can create Houzz Locations in Sellercloud in a few simple steps. The IDs of your Houzz locations will be visible in Sellercloud

  1. Go to Settings > Companies > Manage Companies.
  2. Open a company > Toolbox > Houzz > Locations.
  3. Click Edit > press the plus icon in the Houzz Locations panel header.
  4. In the pop-up dialogue, enter:
    1. Location ID(S) – should match the ID in Houzz. You can enter several IDs separated by a comma to add locations in bulk.
    2. Safety Qty – here, you can set a Safety Quantity for the specified location. If you include a list of locations, this safety qty will apply to all of them.
  5. Click Add Location ID(S).

Map Locations to Sellercloud Warehouses

Once you configure your Houzz Locations, each must be mapped to a Warehouse in Sellercloud. This mapping will determine which warehouse’s available inventory is sent to which location and prevent errors when updating inventory.

If the warehouse is unsellable or does not need to be sent to Houzz, you do not have to map it.

To map Houzz Locations to your Sellercloud Warehouses:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Companies > Open a Company.
  2. Toolbox > Houzz > Locations > Click Edit.
  3. In the Warehouse dropdown, choose your desired warehouse(s).
  4. Click Save.

We recommend mapping your locations 1:1 with your Sellercloud warehouses. However, it is possible to add multiple warehouses to the same location. In such cases, we will send the combined available quantity for that Location ID. Do not map the same local warehouse to multiple Houzz locations. This will lead to duplicating available inventory and might cause you to oversell.

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