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Sellercloud assists you with updating inventory feeds on the Home Depot store, which specializes selling home improvement supplies. To include products to the inventory feeds, you should be integrated with Hope Depot, and the requested products must be Home Depot Enabled with required product information set on the Home Depot page.

Product Fields Explained

To access the product’s Home Depot page, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Catalog > Manage Catalog.
  2. Open the requested product.
  3. Click Toolbox, and select Home Depot.Product's Home Depot Page
  4. Alternatively, click the requested product’s Home Depot icon on the Manage Catalog page (see figure below).Home Depot Icon

General Panel

This panel displays general product information to be posted on the Home Depot store site. See the table below for definitions of each field of this panel.

EnabledSelect the checkbox to allow posting on the Home Depot store site
Merchant SKUIf the SKU entered in the Merchant SKU field in Sellercloud does not match that product’s SKU on the Home Depot channel, the product will not be updated and, as a result, another product will be created on the Home Depot store site with only an SKU and Product Name.
DiscontinuedSelect the checkbox to mark the product as Discontinued. Such products cannot be purchased, and will not be displayed as available to buy.
Listing IDThe links to Home Depot’s listings.

Pricing Panel

This panel displays product prices posted on Home Depot store site. See the table below to for definitions of each field of this panel.

Retail PriceDisplays the Site/Retail Price from the product’s home page. Refer to the product’s home page to change its value once required.
Channel PriceThe product price specific to the Home Depot channel. Deselect the Default checkbox to enter the value manually.

Listing Details Panel

Product TitleProduct title specific to the Home Depot listings. If left blank, the Product Name will be used instead.

Inventory Panel

This panel displays both actual inventory quantities across the warehouses, and the inventory adjusted specifically to be posted on Home Depot. See the table below to learn the definition of each field of this panel.

Safety QtyClick the Default checkbox to use the default Safety Quantity setting adjusted for the related Company within the Home Depot Settings. Deselect the Default checkbox to manually change that value for the individual product.
Avail. QtyShows the inventory available for this channel. This number will be sent in the feed.
Enable Default QtySelect this option to specify the Default Quantity, which only refers to Replenishable Products. For these products, the Default Quantity is the number that will always be sent to the channel in inventory updates regardless of the actual available inventory.
Default QtyEnter the Default Qty to be sent to the channel. To manually set this value, deselect the Default checkbox. Alternatively, the default Default Qty value adjusted on the company’s Home Depot Settings will be applied.

Actions Explained

Sellercloud allows you to export product’s channel-related information. To do that, select Export Inventory, from the Actions menu.

Export Inventory Home Depot

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