Home Depot Listings Management


Once integrated with Home Depot, you can manage automatic updates of your Home Depot products by selecting the relevant Enable Inventory Upload option that is available from company’s channel properties.

To learn more about setting product information, refer to the Home Depot Properties page.

Prepare a Product for Home Depot

To get products ready for automatic inventory feeds, you should make them Home Depot enabled. To do that, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Catalog Manage Catalog.
  2. Open the requested product.
  3. Click Toolbox, navigate to Channels, and select Home Depot.Home Depot Enabled
  4. In the upper right, click Edit.
  5. Select the Enabled checkbox, on the General panel.
  6. Click Save.

Update Home Depot Listings

Inventory updates are controlled by the Enable Inventory Upload setting that is configured in the company’s Home Depot settings. To access this setting, follow the steps below.

  1. Settings > Companies > Manage Companies.
  2. Open the requested company.
  3. Click Toolbox, navigate to Home Depot Settings, and select Home Depot General.

Home Depot Company Settings

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