Groupon Marketplace Account Integration


In this article, you will learn how to link your Groupon Marketplace and Sellercloud accounts in order to post products, manage listings and enable automatic updates.

Integrate with Groupon Marketplace

Sellercloud integrates with Groupon Marketplace using both an API connection and EDI documents. Orders are processed through the API connection while inventory is sent in EDI documents to a VAN

  1. The customer must first create a Groupon account.
  2. Go to obtain an API Key.
  3. Obtain a Seller ID from your Groupon account.
  4. Sellercloud requests unshipped and NON EXPORTED orders from Groupon. By default, Groupon will drop orders into an email attached to the account. This marks them as exported and Sellercloud will not be able to download them. Make sure to disable this setting before going live with this channel.
  5. In Sellercloud, go to SettingsCompanies > Manage Companies > Select a company > Toolbox > Groupon Marketplace > General Settings.
  6. Check the box for Groupon Marketplace Enabled.Groupon Enabled
  7. Fill in your credentials provided by Groupon Marketplace > Save.
  8. Go to FTP Settings and fill out the related FTP credentials. These use VAN credentials.
  9. Click Save.
  10. Click Actions > Test FTP Credentials.Test credentials
  11. Check the Enable order downloadenable tracking export and enable inventory upload boxes when you are ready to go live with the channel.

            Note: See instructions for setting co-op fees here for dropship.

Groupon Marketplace Settings Explained

You can configure the following settings on the Groupon Marketplace General Settings page:

Groupon settings

Groupon Marketplace EnabledMakes products available for Groupon Marketplace listing.
Customer ISA QualifierEnter ZZ.
Customer ISA IDCustomer ID is typically a phone number.
Groupon Marketplace ISA QualifierGathered from Groupon Marketplace.
Groupon Marketplace ISA IDGathered from Groupon Marketplace.
Groupon Marketplace Seller IDGathered from Groupon Marketplace.
Supplier/Warehouse IDGathered from Groupon Marketplace.
Order Handling FeePer-item fee for the order.
Terms Net DaysWhen the payment is due.
Login EmailEnter login email.
Login PasswordEnter login password.
Safety QtyThe number of items that will not be set to the channel in order to prevent overselling.
Default QtyUse this option for replenishable products to set a default number of items that will always be available on the channel.
Enable Inventory UploadEnable this setting to let Groupon Marketplace upload inventory information from Sellercloud.
Enable Invoice UploadEnable this setting to upload invoices to Sellercloud
Enable Order DownloadEnable this setting to download Groupon Marketplace orders to Sellercloud.
Enable Order Functional AcknowledgementEnable this setting to receive a FA document for the order.
Enable Order Acknowledgement Enable this setting to allow written confirmation that the order is booked or received.
Enable Order Acknowledgement AcceptEnable this setting to allow confirmation that the order will be shipped out.
Enable Order Acknowledgement ReleaseEnable this setting to allow confirmation that the order was canceled.
Enable Order Fulfillment UploadEnable this setting to let Groupon Marketplace upload tracking and shipping date from Sellercloud.
Requires Third Party ShippingThis indicates that the product requires third-party shipping.
ServerAddress of the FTP server. BoldVan VAN FTP URL
BoldVan VAN Customer Mailbox ID.
BoldVan VAN Customer Mailbox password.
The port of the FTP server.
Use PassiveCheck this option to connect to the server in passive mode.
Use Secure FTP (SSH)Check this option to use Secure Shell (SSH) FTP protocol.
Delete FTP Files After ProcessingCheck this option to delete FTP files after processing.
Folder For OrdersChoose a folder for storing orders.
Folder For TrackingChoose a folder for tracking orders.
Folder For Ack (Accept)Choose a folder for shipped orders.
Folder For Ack (Release)Choose a folder for canceled orders.
Folder For Ack (Functional)Choose a folder for FA documents.
Folder For InvoicesChoose a folder for invoices.
Folder For InventoryChoose a folder for inventory.


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