Fingerhut Orders Overview


Sellercloud’s Fingerhut Account Integration lets you manage your Fingerhut orders directly from the Sellercloud interface. It allows you to download orders, update their fulfillment status, customize shipping methods, and more. 

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Automate Order Download and Tracking Upload

You can automate the process of order download and tracking upload by following the below steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Companies > Manage Companies > Open the company.
  2. Click Toolbox > Fingerhut  > General Settings.
  3. Click Edit and select the Enable Order Download and the Enable Order Fulfillment Upload checkboxes. Orders will be imported into Sellercloud approximately every 30 minutes.
  4. The Tracking and Ship Date will automatically be sent to update the order status on the channel in the next feed.

Additional Settings

  • Enable Invoice Upload (810) – Enables automatic invoice upload for each shipped order from your Sellercloud account to Fingerhut.
  • Enable Order Functional Acknowledgement (997) – Informs Fingerhut that the order file has been received.
  • Enable Order Acknowledgement Accept (855) – Informs Fingerhut that the order file has been accepted.
  • Enable Order Acknowledgement Release (855) – Informs Fingerhut that the order file is being processed.
  • Delete FTP Files After Processing – This option is only applicable to FTP or SFTP connections. If incoming files are not cleared on the FTP server, it may cause retrieval timeouts. To avoid FTP clutter, enable this option. We strongly recommend checking this box only after testing the order download.
  • Requires Third Party Shipping – Enforces the use of a 3rd party account for Fingerhut orders.

In the same panel, you can also activate the Enable Inventory Upload (846) setting to update Fingerhut-enabled listings automatically. Learn more about Fingerhut listings management here.

Shipping Method Mapping

Sellercloud’s Shipping Method Mapping tool allows you to customize shipping for each channel integrated with your account easily. You can map the shipping methods sent for each order to a preferred shipping carrier and service. To make sure the right shipping method is applied for each order, you need to enter the shipping code for each respective shipping service. 

When orders are downloaded into Sellercloud, the shipping method chosen by the customer will be imported as well.

  1. Go to Settings > Companies > Manage Companies > Select a company.
  2. Toolbox > Fingerhut > Shipping Method Mapping.
  3. Click Edit > Go to Shipping Method > Choose your desired shipping method option from the dropdown menu.
  4. Click Save.

Manage Fingerhut Orders

You can only cancel a Fingerhut order before it is marked Ship Confirmed. If it is already Ship Confirmed, you must issue a refund. If the item is being returned to your warehouse, use the RMA process instead.

Cancellations and refunds of Fingerhut orders must be managed on the Fingerhut website. The below actions only cancel/refund the orders internally in Sellercloud.

Cancel a Fingerhut Order

To cancel a Fingerhut order internally:

  1. Go to Orders > Manage Orders > Select a Fingerhut order.
  2. On the Order Details Page, go to Actions > Set Cancelled Internally.
  3. Enter Cancellation Comments and click Save.

Refund a Fingerhut Order

To refund a Fingerhut order internally:

  1. Go to Orders > Manage Orders > Select an order.
  2. On the Order Details page, go to Actions > Issue Refund.
  3. Enter the amount to refund and add Notes
  4. Click Refund.

If you are issuing a partial or even a full refund while still planning to ship the items, select the Add Refund Amount As Discount To Order checkbox to apply the refund amount as a discount to the order instead. This action will initiate an internal cash refund that will not be sent to the channel and will offset the outstanding dues by the specified amount.

Configure PDF Invoices

PDF Invoices usually consist of information about your orders and the products they include. You can print Invoices with any specific requirements if needed. You can also select between, Standard Invoice, Channel Specific, Word to PDF, or a plugin. 

  1. Go to Settings > Companies > Manage Companies > Select a company.
  2. Toolbox > Invoice settings > Per channel preferences.
  3. Locate Fingerhut in the list.

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