Fill Rate Dashboard


The dashboard focuses on the Order Fill Rate – the percentage of orders that were filled versus the percentage that were canceled. It can help you zero in on why an order may have been canceled. Several color-coded graphs and charts give a visual snapshot of the fill rate. There are also charts that itemize the top canceled products.

Fill Rate Dashboard

The Fill Rate Dashboard displays data about the filled and canceled orders. You can filter by date range, company, and channel. These filter options control the display on all of the Dashboard’s sections.

To access Fill Rate Dashboard, go to Reports > Shipping Fill Rate Dashboard.

Fill Rate Dashboard
The dashboard can be filtered by date range, and by Company, Company Groups, and
Channel. The filter options control the data display on all sections of the dashboard. To use the filter
  1. Go to Reports > Shipping Fill Rate Dashboard > Click on Custom Filter in the top right corner.
  2. Choose your filters > Click Reload.Custom filter

On the Fill Rate Dashboard you can configure the following panels:

Panel Name

Filled & Cancelled OrdersShows the percentage of shipped orders vs. canceled orders, per day, over your
specified date range. The total numbers of Filled and Canceled orders appear above the chart. Click on
the Shipped or Canceled to hide/show shipped orders or canceled
orders in the graph.
Fill Rate ChartShows the total percentage of shipped orders vs. canceled orders over a specified
date range.
Filled OrdersShows the average, minimum and maximum filled rate during the selected date
Canceled OrdersShows the average, minimum, and maximum canceled rate during the selected date
Top Canceled Products
  • Shows the top 5 canceled products over a specified date range.
    Click on More… in the right top corner to open a
    page with all of the canceled products in your date range that you can export to
For answers to general questions about using Sellercloud’s Financial Reporting Suite, see
the Reports FAQs.

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