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Once your products are added to the order and your Amazon shipments previewed, the next steps in completing your FBA Inbound Shipment are preparing your Amazon shipments and filling out your box content information.

Amazon Shipments

You can preview your FBA Inbound Shipment details, including Sellercloud and Amazon shipment IDs, fulfillment centers, and package names. Amazon can override your label type choice, and box content is based on the option chosen in the Shipment Details tab.

  1. Navigate to Inventory > FBA Inbound Shipments > Create New FBA Inbound Shipment.
  2. In the Amazon Shipments tab, review the products in each shipment by clicking the down arrow next to the Shipment ID to expand it.
  3. When ready, set the shipment(s) to a working status.
    The working status must be set within 48 hours of Amazon’s preview.
  4. To reset Amazon’s shipment preview, print internal packing slips or download the shipment details to Excel, click the corresponding buttons in the Amazon Shipments panel.
    1. When printing an Internal Packing Slip from this page, you have the option to print either the Sellercloud Product IDs or the Vendor SKUs.
  5. Once you have at least one Amazon shipment set to a Working status, click the blue arrow to proceed to the next step in the wizard: Preparing the boxes.

Column descriptions

Shipment IDSellercloud’s shipment ID.
Fulfillment centerAmazon’s code for the fulfillment center.
Amazon Ship IDAmazon’s shipment ID.
Package nameDescription of the shipment as entered on the Shipment Details tab’s Description field.
StatusAppears as Previewed (by Amazon), until you manually set the status to Working (see Actions below)
Label type
  • No Label
  • Amazon Label
  • Seller Label

This auto-populated value is determined by Amazon, and is not associated with the value you chose on the Shipment Details tab’s Label Prep Preference field.  For example, if you chose Seller_Label in that field, Amazon may override your choice when previewing your shipment and auto-enter the No Label value. 

Box contentMethod of communicating a shipment’s box contents to Amazon.

Based on the Box Content setting on the Shipment Details tab.

Actions available

Set to working / Set all to workingInforms Amazon you are proceeding with a shipment / all shipments.

Setting a working status must be done within 48 hours of Amazon’s preview.

You can cancel the working status here.

Reset previewCreate a queued job to reset (discard) Amazon’s shipment review. You may want to use this function to delete or change products and/or quantities, or to enable/disable case quantity; reset the breakup of shipment packages to fulfillment centers; etc.

After the job is complete, click the back arrows to revise information on the previous tabs as desired. All information on prior tabs will remain during Reset Preview.

Print internal packing slipsDownload a shipment packing slip as a PDF file.
Download to ExcelGenerate a spreadsheet with the shipment’s details.
Expand shipment detailsClick the down arrow to see the shipment details. Show me.

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