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In the Shipment Details tab, you can configure the initial settings for your FBA inbound shipment such as company details, warehouse configuration, and packaging information.Shipment details tab

Set Default Values

To retain the default values for all future FBA inbound shipments, check the following videos:

    • Choose Ship To Warehouse, Interim Warehouse, and Box Content

    • Choose Ship From Warehouse, Interim Warehouse, and Box Content

Configure Shipment Details

  1. In the Shipment Details box, fill in the mandatory information. Shipment details boxThe table below describes each of the shipment settings.
    CompanyIf you have multiple companies, choose the company associated with the Amazon account for which you are sending inventory.
    DescriptionDefaults are set to today’s date and time, but you can enter any description.
    Ship From WarehouseSellercloud warehouse from which inventory will ship via an FBA inbound shipment.

    Choose the Ship From warehouse for this shipment only, or choose the default one for all FBA inbound shipments in Sellercloud’s Default FBA Ship From Warehouse Client Setting.

    Interim WarehouseSellercloud warehouse that tracks inventory in transit between the Ship From warehouse and the Ship To warehouse.

    Choose the Interim warehouse for this shipment only, or choose the default for all FBA inbound shipments in Sellercloud’s Default FBA Shipment Interim Warehouse Client Setting.

    Ship To WarehouseSellercloud warehouse to which an FBA inbound shipment’s inventory will move upon receipt at Amazon’s fulfillment center(s).

    Choose the Ship To FBA warehouse for this shipment only, or choose the default for all FBA inbound shipments using the company’s Channel Warehouse FBA setting.

    Box ContentDetermines how a shipment’s box contents will be communicated to Amazon.

    Choose the method for this shipment only, or choose the default for all FBA inbound shipments in Sellercloud’s Default FBA Shipment Content Source Client Setting.

    • Feed – Sellercloud will automatically upload the contents directly to Seller Central
    • 2-D Barcode – Seller will download and affix 2D barcode labels with box contents
    • None – Seller will download a box contents file and upload the file to Seller Central. Box content information will not be provided to Amazon for this shipment. Seller will incur extra fees from Amazon.
    Label Prep PreferenceSelect the party – either Amazon or the seller – who will be responsible for labeling the items. This is only relevant for items that need labels.

    Change the setting for this shipment only:

    • Amazon_Label_Only – Amazon will label all eligible products when received at their fulfillment center. Ineligible products will be rejected from the shipment. This service has associated fees.
    • Amazon_Label_Preferred – Asks Amazon to label any products not labeled by the seller. Fees are applied as needed. Note that this is just a request, and if Amazon requires something else, they may still send back a Label Type indicating that the seller is required to label the products. If the seller does not label the product, their account may be affected.
    • Seller_Label (default setting) – The merchant will label the products if required. The merchant may incur fees for unlabeled/improperly labeled items if Amazon requires labeling.
    Note: The choice you make here may not correlate with the value on the Amazon Shipments tab’s Label Type field. For example, you may choose Seller_Label here, but Amazon may populate the Label Type field with the No_Label value when they preview the shipment. This would happen if they determine that no labels are needed.
  2. Review and/or change your settings as needed.
  3. When done, click the blue arrow to move to the next step in the wizard: Products.


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