Failed Shipped Notifications


Sellercloud notifies you about the orders that have unsuccessfully updated tracking on the channels. In this article, you will learn where you can find information about Failed Shipped Notification Orders and how to automate the process of sending email notifications for failures in tracking uploads.

Failed Shipped Notification Orders

To see failed shipped notifications orders:

  1. Go to the Home Page > Failed Shipped Notifications grid.
    Note: If you don’t see the Failed Shipped Notifications grid, you can enable it by selecting Customize from the top right corner of the page and enabling the Show failed shipped notify orders option.
  2. Click View All to see all orders that were shipped within the last 30 days that failed to update tracking on the channel 3 times and more.Failed Shipped Notifications_View All

Clear Failed Shipped Notification Status on Orders

If the order tracking was successfully updated on the channel but it still appears in the Failed Shipped Notifications list you can clear Failed Shipped Notification Status on orders.

  1. Go to the Home Page > Failed Shipped Notifications grid.
  2. Click View All.
  3. Select orders.
  4. From the actions dropdown select Dismiss Failure Shipping Notify Alert and click Go.Dismiss Failure Shipping Notify Alert
If the order failed to update tracking to the channel three or more times you may need to use the Clear Notify Order Source for Shipping Error Count action either from the Order Details page or the Manage Orders page (for a bulk option) in order to be able to send the tracking information again. Make sure that the reason for failure is resolved before attempting to re-submit. Steps for re-submitting:

Select the order/s and:

  1. Clear Notify Orders Source for shipping error counts.
  2. Mark Source Not Notified for shipping.
  3. Notify Order Source for Shipping.

Email Notification for Failures in Tracking Uploads

You can automate the process of getting notifications about failures in tracking uploads on the channels.

Via Email Template Assignment

You can automatically receive an e-mail when a tracking document fails to upload for:

  • eBay
  • Newegg
  • Overstock
  • Shopify
  • Walmart DSV
  • Walmart Marketplace

To enable the automated email notifications:

  1.  Create an e-mail template.

    Note: The email template must be connected to a working SMTP profile for a successful setup.
  2. Assign the email template to Tracking Update Failed On Channel under Company Settings > select a company > Toolbox > Email Settings > Email Template Assignment.
Click here to see a sample e-mail template

A tracking upload has failed for the following #?Channel?# order:#?OrderID?#


An upload was attempted at #?TimeStamp?#

The error message is:




For Amazon, assign the email template to AmazonUploadedDocumentProcessingFailure. AmazonUploadedDocumentProcessingFailure will send notifications for all types of document upload failures such as cancelation attempts for Amazon orders that failed, etc.

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