Errors in ShipBridge


This article shows common Shipbridge errors and solutions.

Errors and Solutions in Shipbridge

Form Not Found
  • Usually occurs when Shipbridge cannot find the Fedex ShipManager window.
  • Closing FSM and letting Shipbridge open it automatically should resolve this.
Fedex Ship Manager
Could not load order chunks: Object reference not set to an instant of an objectThis generic error is likely related to one of the following problems:

  • In Shipbridge, go to Menu > Options > Connection to test your connection with Sellercoud. If you get an error message, please confirm the correct Sellercloud login credentials and the web service URL.

    Sample web service URL:

    If the connection is working, this error may be due to a server issue. Log into your Sellercloud account and check that you have access with no issues.

  • Another reason for this error is a problematic order. Put any order on hold with an unknown SKU or no payment, and check if your order grid refreshes with no issues.
Access to the path ********* denied
  • Try closing the application, and then right-click on the app icon > run as administrator.
  • In Shipbridge, go to Menu > Options > Carriers.  Check if the save (request) and out (response) paths are correct for your computer. Often, if the settings file is taken from another device, the user in the URL will be incorrect. You can easily check if the URL is correct by copying the URL and pasting it into your computer’s File Explorer. If you can access the folder of that URL, then the URL is correct.
Could not load order chunks: You do not have access to…
  • This error is due to insufficient permissions to load a particular order. Ask an admin of your company to log into Shipbridge and test. If this resolves the issue, ask for your security roles to be changed, and if this does not resolve the issue, please contact Sellercloud Support.
Amazon cannot fulfill this order via (shipping service selected)
  • Open your Seller Central and confirm that the selected Amazon shipping service is eligible for this order.
  • In Shipbridge, go to Menu > Options > Carriers > Amazon to confirm that your credentials are correct and that the Selling Partner API Authentication Token is correctly populated. This also includes the option Per company configuration. Often, the main credentials may be correct; however, the per-company credentials may be incorrect.
Amazon services
Can’t re-print labels
  • Labels can only be reprinted from the original physical computer from which the order was initially shipped.
  • Check the label printer configuration to ensure that the correct printer is set up and if tested, prints a test page without an issue.
  • Note that if the label printer configuration has changed and differs from the original label print setup, this may prevent the labels from being reprinted.
Shipper number not defined
  • In Shipbridge, go to Menu > Options > Carriers to see the currently selected carrier on the problematic order.
  • If your shipper number is correctly selected, check Third part billing or Per Company configurations.
Invalid Ancillary Endorsement Type for PRESORTED_STANDARD Smart Post ShipmentAncillary endorsement type must be ADDRESS_CORRECTION or RETURN_SERVICE for PRESORTED_STANDARD SmartPost shipment with USPS_DELIVERY_CONFIRMATION.Fedex
The Shipper’s shipper number cannot be used for the shipmentThis error would occur when trying to use a third-party account but the setup for the account itself has not been completed in the carrier portal. See more about how to add and verify a third-party account here – Doc-PINUPS


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