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The Email Rules page allows you to configure automatic email notifications for orders per channel. The main types of email rules that can be set are client-based, which affect all companies, or company-based, which are set for each company separately. You can also configure emails to be sent out automatically using the Email Template Assignment page and assigning an email template to a specific event or trigger.

Configure Email Rules

To configure the Email Rules:

  1. Go to Settings > Email > Email Rules.
  2. Click the Edit icon > Edit according to your preferences > Click Save.

sellercloud email rules

You can customize three client-based rules and assign email templates to them. These rules allow you to set the number of hours or days for each reminder:

  • Payment Reminder — Sent for orders that have no payment. The corresponding email types for each Payment Reminder are respectively PaymentReminderFirst, PaymentReminderSecond, and PaymentReminderThird.
  • Feedback Reminder — Sent for shipped orders. Note that Feedback Requests have to be configured.
  • Don’t Send Email For Orders Older Than — Won’t send any emails based on these rules for orders created before the set period.

Optionally, you can also choose whether or not you want the feedback reminder sent only if the order is marked as delivered and if you want the feedback reminder sent based on when the order is delivered.

Before setting feedback reminders, make sure the Order Delivery workflow is configured. For more information, see Track Delivery Date.

Note that Sellercloud sends Reminders only for Amazon, eBay, FBA, Yahoo, Local Store, and Etsy channels.

You can also set email rules for each channel. These features allow you to specify which emails should be sent according to the channels that your company is associated with. You need to set up your email templates for each channel separately.

You can check the following email rules for your channels:
  • Order Welcome — This email is triggered when a new order is created in Sellercloud. It gets assigned to the OrderWelcome email type (read more about email types in the section below).
  • Shipping Confirmation — This email is triggered when an order is shipped. It gets assigned to the OrderShippedConfirmation email type.
  • Feedback Request  — This email is triggered for orders that are shipped to request feedback from the customer. Note that Feedback Reminders need to be configured (the Feedback Reminder settings on the left). The corresponding email types to each Feedback Reminder are respectively FirstFeedbackReminder, SecondFeedbackReminder, and ThirdFeedbackReminder.
  • Order Undelivered — This email is triggered for orders that are marked as undelivered. The email type it gets assigned to is Order UnDelivered.
  • Payment Confirmation — This email is triggered when the order gets paid.
To successfully set the email rules, you need to assign email templates to them. Read more about it below.
sellercloud email rules

Email Template Assignment

Sellercloud can either send emails automatically or they can be triggered by a user’s action. After creating one of these email templates, you can assign it to a particular event or trigger.

In some cases, you should laso enable a Client Setting before one of these emails can be sent. Refer to the Email Templates article for more information.

To assign a template, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Settings > Companies > Manage Companies > Select a Company.
  2. Go to Toolbox > Email Settings > Email Template Assignment Edit.
  3. Select your desired template(s), as listed below, and press Save.Shows the template assignment page.

The following options are available from the menu at the top-right corner.

The image shows the Enable Email Template per Channel pop-up window.Test Email — Allows you to test sending a selected email type to an email of your choice.
Manage Templates — Opens the Email Templates page.
Enable Email Templates per Channel — Takes you to the Enable Email Template Channel page where you can assign email templates for the same email rules but additionally configured by channel.
Click Here to Configure Rules — Opens the Email Rules page. For more information, refer to the Email Rules page.

Enable Email Template per Channel

You have to set an email template for each option on the Email Rules page: for payment and feedback reminders as well as for the channel listings. You can also set different email templates for the same email rule as long as the channel is different.

To set a different email template for the same email rule:

  1. Go to Settings > Email > Enable Email Template Channel.
  2. Click on the Add icon at the top-right corner of the Enable Email Template Channel List panel.
  3. From the Email Type drop-down, select the name of the email rule you want to assign a template to, e.g. PaymentReminderFirst.
  4. Select a channel and a template, and press Save.

To access the Email Rules page:

  1. Go to your Company Toolbox > Email Settings > Email Rules.

Configure the email rules on this page for Per-Company email settings:

Feedback Requests are company-based and can only be sent for Local Store, Amazon, FBA, eBay, Yahoo, and Etsy.
  1. Set Frequency of Payment Reminders and Feedback reminders. In the below example, Sellercloud will send a payment reminder after the order is 24 hours old and then send a 2nd remind after 3 days. You can also set an option to send a Feedback request only if the order has been marked as delivered. In the Order Feedback Request Settings section, you can learn more about it.     
  2. Allow Order Welcome, Shipping Confirmation, Feedback, and Order Undelivered emails to be sent out. Each channel can be set separately.               

Order Feedback Request Settings

Some channels do not provide customer emails, and some channels do not want merchants sending emails directly to customers. Amazon automatically sends feedback requests to the customer, so there is no need to configure feedback reminders for Amazon in SellerCloud.

To configure order feedback for channels:

  1. Test your email settings from Email Settings > SMTP settings to ensure they are configured properly. Also, check with SellerCloud Support to confirm that feedback services are running on your server.
  2. Create an email template: Go to your Company > Toolbox > Email Settings > Email Templates. You can download an example of a template.
  3. Assign an Email Type to the template. You can set 3 feedback reminders: Go to your Company > Toolbox > Email Settings > Email Templates Assignment.  You can assign the template to Feedback Reminder (1st),  Feedback Reminder (2nd), or Feedback Reminder (3rd).
    All three reminders must be configured for the feedback feature to work properly.
  4. Select the channels that will use the feedback reminder emails, and the interval before sending them. This is set from the Email Rules. In this case, you need the Feedback Request column enabled for the specified channel, and the three columns for Feedback Reminder on top to be set. Email rules are accessible from the Email Templates link on the top (highlighted in yellow, below) or from your company Toolbox > Email Settings > Email Rules.

    The image shows the Email Templates page.The image shows the Email Rules page.


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