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Advantive’s DDI System is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for wholesale distribution businesses. It helps handle daily operations with features such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), accounting and financial management, purchasing, strategic pricing, warehouse management, order fulfillment, reporting, and more.

Integrating Sellercloud into the DDI System helps you connect to the ERP’s sales orders, customers, and inventory management operations for multiple online selling channels. Inform establishes the connection between the two platforms using Sellercloud’s APIs.

Integration Details

This is how the integration works:

  1. You use Sellercloud to manage products and pricing for various sales channels.
  2. Sellercloud imports orders from the enabled sales channels.
  3. Next, every 20-60 minutes, depending on the channel, DDI System imports orders from Sellercloud as unpaid POS orders with deposits.
  4. When the POS orders are shipped and confirmed, the system automatically applies the deposits. In the Bookkeeping and General Ledger, deposits are treated as Short Term Liabilities, not a reduction to Accounts Receivable. There are no Cash Receipts – just Ship Confirm a POS order, and the deposit is applied automatically.
  5. Once the order is shipped and confirmed in the DDI System, a tracking number is sent to Sellercloud.
  6. Sellercloud sends the order status and tracking details to the appropriate sales channel for end users to track.

The following information is shared between Sellercloud and DDI System:

  • Product #
  • Product Description
  • Product Type
  • Image URL
  • Web Description
  • Manufacturer’s Product #
  • UPC Code
  • Unit of Measure
  • Available Quantity
  • Price

Check Advantive’s FAQ Page for more information.


The setup for this integration is configured entirely on DDI System’s end. For assistance with the setup, make sure to Contact Advantive.

To connect the two platforms, you will need an Employee account with Delta Permissions for the Company where you want to synchronize SKUs and orders.

Compatibility With Other Integrations

Generally, to be compatible with the DDI System, other integrations must import orders as Charged. This is because orders without a payment will not be sent to the DDI System. 

For example, you may have such orders coming from your integrated Magento website. In this case, there is a way to trigger the capturing of payments automatically upon updating the shipping information in Sellercloud.  Go to your Client Settings and enable:

  • Charge Magento Order Payment When Shipped
  • Charge Magento Order Payment When Shipped using Magento Plugin

With these settings, once an order is shipped and Sellercloud sends tracking to Magento, Sellercloud will also charge the credit card from Magento and mark the order as Charged. This ensures that the orders will be sent to the DDI System.

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