Customize the Shipbridge Interface 


This article covers the various ways in which the Shipbridge interface can be customized.

Check out this video tutorial on how to do that!

Customize Shipbridge

Shipbridge offers many ways to customize its interface.  To manage your display settings, go to Menu > Customize Interface.


You can use Customize Interface to set columns in the Order Grid panel and filters in the Filter panel and choose shipping services or order sources.

Unshipped Tab

The Unshipped tab lists the columns in the Unshipped Tab of Order Grid panel. 

unshipped tab of customize interface window

Shipped Tab

The Shipped tab lists the columns in the Shipped Tab of Order Grid Area. 

Delete Columns from the Grid 

By default, all the columns are checked. This means that the columns are visible in the grid. Uncheck the column to delete it from the Attention tab of the Order Grid Area. 

Add Columns to the Grid 

Check the column checkbox to add it to the Attention tab of the Order Grid panel. 

By clicking the Reset, you will check all the columns at once. 

Change Column Width 

To change column width, select the column name. This enables the Column Width option so you can set the new value. 

Change Column Order 

The column order in the list corresponds to the column order in the grid. 

To change the order of the columns, use the Move Up and Move Down buttons. 

Additionally, column order can be changed directly in the Order Grid panel by dragging the column to the desired position. 

Attention Tab

The Attention tab lists the columns in the Attention Tab of Order Grid Area. 

This tab helps you add and delete columns and manage their width and order just like the previous tabs.

Shipping Services Tab

The tab allows you to set shipping services and packaging types 

Check or uncheck the carriers and services from the first grid and the packaging type from the second.  By default, all the options are checked. The reset button returns the default settings. 

shipping services tab

Selecting a service unlocks the Move Up and Move Down buttons that allow you to arrange the order of display in the drop-down. 

Order Sources Tab

This tab shows a list of order sources. All the sources are checked by default. To hide a source, uncheck it. 

order source tab


Under the GUI tab, you can select settings like font size or row height. 

Filters Tab

This tab manages the filters shown in the Filter panel.  

By default, all filters are enabled.  To delete a filter from the filter area, uncheck the corresponding checkbox and click the OK button. 

filters tab

Copy Row Info Tab

The final tab on the Customize Interface window is the Copy Row Info tab. It allows you to select which order details you want to copy when using the Copy Row Info Action: 

  • Menu > Copy Row Info 

The Copy Row Info action allows you to copy information from one row in the grid to the next.  

copy row info tab

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