Customer Service Notes


Customer service notes are records of interactions between the customer service staff and shippers. These notes can include details about the customer’s inquiries or requests. While most orders and their order-related information are received through automated feeds, there are instances where you may need to create orders manually (e.g. wholesale) and input specific instructions to the shipping staff. Learn more about manually creating orders here.

Customer Service Notes

The best way to have an open line of communication between the customer service staff and the shippers is to place notes in the Customer Service Notes field of the order.

  1. To be able to see those, in Shipridge, go to Menu > Options > General and disable the Hide the customer note tab setting. This should be configured on all Shipbridge devices that may need access to these notes.Shipbridge settings
  2. In Sellercloud, go to Orders > Manage Orders > select an order.
  3. On the order details page, navigate to Customer Service. customer service panel
  4. Click the plus icon to add a new note. Select the Customer Service Note type > Enter the note text > Click Add.customer service note type
  5. The shippers will be required to read and acknowledge the customer service notes before the order can be shipped through Shipbridge.
    Shipbridge setting Require that the user marks customer note as read (if there is one) must also be enabled if you are using the Scan and Ship workflow!
    To optimize the workflow of your employees, it is recommended to grant them access to the areas of Sellercloud that are relevant to their assigned tasks. Sellercloud offers various permissions and roles that can be assigned to each user as a way to grant or restrict access to certain pages and actions. Learn more about that here.

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