Custom Inventory Calculations


Custom Inventory Calculations are a valuable tool for calculating a product’s channel inventory based on custom rules and criteria. This is especially useful on platforms such as Amazon, particularly when selling on multiple marketplaces

Normally, you would either send your product’s available inventory from one specific warehouse (Channel Warehouse) or all warehouses. However, with Custom Inventory Calculations, you have the flexibility to set rules that define how the total inventory available for a given channel is calculated for any number of selected warehouses.

The major advantage is the unrestricted customization possibilities, allowing you to tailor calculations to your preferences and enhance inventory management.

Request Custom Inventory Calculations

To obtain Custom Inventory Calculations, contact Sellercloud Support with your requirements. Building any type of new customization is billable. The cost will depend on the complexity of the customization. Once we provide a quote, we will only bill you after receiving written approval of the quote.

The Client Setting Enable Custom Inventory Calculation For (channel) must be enabled for this workflow. To enable the setting, navigate to Settings > Client Settings > General Client Settings > Custom Calculations.

Once your custom inventory calculations are created and the relevant settings enabled, the custom calculations will be applied automatically. On the product’s Channel Properties page, a calculator icon indicates that the feature is enabled:

The image shows the calculator icon.

The setting is available for the following channels:


Attached below are several sample SQL scripts used for

  • Sample 010
    • The client doesn’t want to list products as Fulfilled by Merchant if there’s an active Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) listing with available inventory. We identify FBA listings with positive inventory, zero out MFN inventory for those listings until FBA stock runs out, and consider only FBA inventory from the same country. The total FBA inventory is calculated and can be distributed among multiple SKUs. CustomInventoryCalculationSample_010
  • Sample 011
    • For eBay sales, the client wants FBA inventory to be sellable and included in the total quantity but excluded when sending inventory for Merchant Fulfilled Network (MFN) listings. CustomInventoryCalculationSample_011
  • Sample 012
  • Sample 013
    • The client wants to allocate percentages for each sales channel. A configurable page allows them to set percentages for each channel. The stored procedure considers these percentages when calculating the inventory to be sent to each channel. CustomInventoryCalculationSample_013

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