CS-Cart Orders Overview


The CS-Cart Account Integration lets you seamlessly manage your CS-Cart orders directly from the Sellercloud interface. It allows you to download orders, update their fulfillment status, customize shipping methods, and more. 

Order Download and Tracking Upload

To automate the process of order download and tracking upload and control which orders will be downloaded from CS-Cart to Sellercloud:

  1. Go to Company Settings.
  2. Click Toolbox and select Website > General.
  3. With the Store Type set to Custom and the Plugin set to CsCart, check the following boxes in the Options panel:

    1. Allow Order Download – Download orders from CS-Cart to Sellercloud automatically.
    2. Allow Tracking Upload – Upload fulfillment information for orders from Sellercloud to CS-Cart automatically.
    3. Allow Download Shipped Orders (Optional) – Allows orders marked as shipped to be downloaded from CS-Cart to Sellercloud automatically.
    4. Allow Unpaid Orders (Optional) – Enable Sellercloud to download Unpaid Orders from CS-Cart to Sellercloud automatically.
    5. Enable Order Download Limit (Optional) – Prevent orders created before a specific date from being downloaded to Sellercloud. You must also select an Order Download Limit Date.

You can also initiate an order import manually:

  1. Go to Company Settings.
  2. Click Toolbox and select Website > General.
  3. Click Actions and select Import Orders.

Shipping Method Mapping

The Shipping Method Mapping tool allows you to customize shipping for each channel integrated with your account. Using this tool, you can map the shipping methods sent for each CS-Cart order to a preferred shipping carrier and service. To make sure the right shipping method is applied for each order, you need to enter the shipping code for each respective shipping service. 

When orders are imported into Sellercloud, the shipping method chosen by the customer will also be imported.

To configure shipping method mapping for CS-Cart:

  1. Go to Company Settings.
  2. Click Toolbox and select Sellercloud Plug-in Website > Cart Shipping Method Mapping.
  3. The Plugin should be set to CsCart.
  4. Click Edit.
  5. Click the plus icon to add a new mapping.
  6. Enter the Website Method Name and choose your desired Shipping Method option from the dropdown menu.
  7. Optionally, you can check Rush Service to indicate a rush order.
  8. Click Save.

Manage CS-Cart Orders

You can only cancel a CS-Cart order before it is marked Ship Confirmed. If it is already Ship Confirmed, you must issue a refund. If the item is being returned to your warehouse, use the RMA process instead

Cancel an Order

The steps outlined below are only applicable for cancellations that are issued on CS-Cart directly. To initiate a cancellation/refund through Sellercloud, follow the steps under Refund an Order.

To cancel a CS-Cart order internally:

  1. Go to the Order Details Page.
  2. Click Actions and select Set Cancelled Internally.
  3. Enter Comments.
  4. Click Save.
Enabling the Allow Cancelled Orders Import setting on the Company Settings > Toolbox > Website > Sellercloud Plug-in Website > Cart General page negates the need to cancel orders manually.

Refund an Order

You can submit refunds to CS-Cart or issue them locally in Sellercloud to keep your Order Profit & Loss information accurate.

To refund and cancel a CS-Cart order:

  1. Go to the Order Details Page.
  2. Click Actions and select Cancel/Issue Refund.
  3. Enter a Cancel/Refund Reason.
  4. Check the box to the left of the items you want to refund.
  5. Optionally, you can adjust the Qty To Refund/Cancel, Shipping Refund, and Tax Refund, which will update the information in the Refund Order Details panel.
  6. Check Do Not Send To Website to cancel the order and issue a refund only within Sellercloud.
  7. Click Refund. Note that the Order Status gets set to Cancelled.

Configure PDF Invoices

You can configure invoices for your CS-Cart orders. PDF Invoices usually contain information about your orders and the products they include. You can print Invoices with any specific requirements if needed. You can also select between Standard Invoice, Channel Specific, Word to PDF, or a plugin. 

  1. Go to Company Settings.
  2. Click Toolbox and select Invoice Settings.
  3. Click Per channel preferences.
  4. Find Website in the list and select your preference.
  5. Click Save.

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