Bulk Update Dropshipping


In Sellercloud, you can update your dropship information through a bulk update file. This allows you to manage the preferences of multiple dropshipped products.

Update Dropship Mode In Bulk

  1. Go to Catalog > Tools > Import Product Info > Bulk Product Update.
  2. Click Generate Template > Create New Template > Next. If you already have a template, select Choose Existing Template.
  3. Choose Format > Next > Add Columns to Template.
  4. Select DropShipMode > Next > Download.The image shows the Bulk Update DropShipMode column.
  5. Populate the columns. In the DropShipMode column, enter the value 2.
    A value of 1 means ShipFromSite and that the item is not going to be dropshipped, while 2 means ShipFromVendor.

    sellercloud bulk product update dropship mode excel template example

  6. Save your file > Return to Sellercloud > Select File > Choose your file > Upload.sellercloud catalog import product info bulk product update
To update multiple products to a Dropship mode:

  1. Select Bulk Update Products under Inventory. Click Get Template file if you do not have one already and a template file window will open. Choose how you want to identify the product – either UPC or Product ID (SKU) – then choose a template format. Select DropShipMode from the Fields Menu and click Add to List. Click Download Template.
  2. Open the template and enter the identification values for all products you want to update. In the DropShip column enter the value 2. Save the template.
  3. On the Bulk Update Products window choose the correlating product identification mode, select a template file, and select correlating product type. Select Que for Processing (this will enable you to initiate other jobs simultaneously) and submit.

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