BlueFly Account Integration

BlueFly, Inc. is an online retailer of designer brands and fashion trends.

SellerCloud integrates with BlueFly through scheduled tasks using plugins. The plugins can be requested and set on your server by SellerCloud Support.

  1. Product Export  – The plugin exports product related info.
  2. Tracking Export – The plugin reads the file sent from Bluefly and adds shipping information.
  3. Order Import – Creates the orders as a website order and marks the orders as charged.
  4. Required Custom Product Column:BlueFlySafetyQty – sets safety quantity on product level

BlueFly uses Secured SSH Key authentication. This should be enabled on the scheduled task.

  1. Enable Use Secure FTP.
  2. Select Secure FTY Type: SSH.
  3. Enable Use SSH FTP with Key authentication.

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