Bed Bath & Beyond Orders Overview


With Sellercloud, you can update order information for Bed Bath & Beyond from a single platform. You can cancel, refund, and monitor the status of your Bed Bath & Beyond orders, in addition to customizing shipping methods.

Automate Order Download and Tracking Upload

You can automate the process of order download and tracking upload by following these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Companies > Manage Companies > select a company > Toolbox > Channels > Bed Bath and Beyond > General Settings > Edit.
  2. Check the settings Enable Order Download and Enable Order Fulfillment Upload
    Orders download approximately every 30 minutes. Tracking and ship date will automatically be sent to update the order status on Bed Bath & Beyond.

Bed Bath & Beyond settings

Additional Settings:

  • Enable Order Functional Acknowledgement – Informs Bed Bath & Beyond that the order file has been received.
  • Enable Order Acknowledgement Accept – Informs Bed Bath & Beyond that the order will be shipped out.
  • Enable Order Acknowledgement Release – Informs Bed Bath & Beyond about cancelled orders.

Shipping Method Mapping

Sellercloud’s shipping method mapping tool allows you to easily customize shipping for each channel integrated with accounts. When orders are downloaded into Sellercloud, the shipping method chosen by the customer will also import.

  1. Settings > Companies > Manage Companies > Select a company > Toolbox > Channels > Bed Bath & Beyond> Shipping Method Mapping.
  2. Click Edit > Go to Shipping Method > Choose the shipping method option from the dropdown menu that you would like to be assigned to orders associated with the Code Received. (Please note that Code Received is what we receive in the file from Bed Bath & Beyond. This can be seen in the file as well as in the history of the order.)
  3. Check the Rush Service setting if orders using this shipping method are being rushed.
  4. Choose a Code to Send from the dropdown menu.
  5. Click Save.

Shipping Method Mapping for Bed Bath & Beyond

Cancel a Bed Bath & Beyond Order

You can only cancel an order before it is marked Ship Confirmed. If it is already Ship Confirmed, you must issue a refund.

To cancel an order:

Go to Orders > Manage Orders > Open an order > Actions menu > Set Cancelled Internally.

Set Cancelled Internaly

Please note that this action will only cancel the order on Sellercloud, and not on Bed Bath & Beyond.

Refund a Bed Bath & Beyond Order

You need to create an RMA for returned items. Refunds can be issued from the RMA. You can read more here.

To issue a Bed Bath & Beyond Refund:

  1. Go to Orders > Manage Orders > Open a completed order > Actions menu > Issue Refund.
  2. Check the amount to refund, add a note and click Refund.

Issue Refund


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