Batch Shipping and Batch Printing in ShipBridge


With Shipbridge’s batch shipping feature, you can select any number of orders from the grid and process similar shipping methods in batches.

You can also batch-print shipping labels. Batch-printing shipping labels is a faster, more streamlined label-printing process than selecting multiple orders and printing them from the main grid.

Start Batch Shipping

To batch ship orders:

  1. Select the orders to ship from the main order grid. 
  2. Click the Process Batches button. Processing batches
  3. The batch processing window will show the order count associated with each of the shipping methods applied, and let you print all associated labels, one shipping method at a time. Batch processing window
The following Shipbridge settings are available under Menu > Options > Batches:

  • Enable split batches enables the Split batch button in the batch processing window. This button splits the selected rows.
  • Separate batches per SKU and per number of units is available when you have used one of two filters: Includes SKU or Exclusive SKU/Otv. After using a filter, you can ship in batches. The grid in the Batches form will be sorted by SKUs instead of Services.

Batch-Print Labels to PDF

Batch printing gathers all data from all selected orders, loads them into a single file for processing by the shipping label software, and then generates and prints all of the labels simultaneously.

For example: If 100 orders are selected and 35 are set to be shipped by USPS Priority, 27 by UPS Ground, and the remaining 38 by UPS 3-Day Select, batch mode will let the shipper choose to select a method to batch-print.

So, if the shipper selects UPS Ground, 27 labels will be generated and printed with their corresponding invoices. The shipper can then move to the next shipping method and batch-print all of the labels and invoices for that method in the same way.

To configure the batch printing settings:

  1. Click Menu > Options > Batches. 
  2. Click Save labels to a single batch PDF file – This will save a batch print to a regular PDF file.
  3. Prepare for thermal printing – When selected with the setting above, the file will be saved in a format compatible with a thermal printer as a 4 x 6 label (see Step #5 below).
  4. Auto-open after saving – When selected, the file will automatically open for review and printing.
  5. Click Save. 
  6. Ship your order using the Process Batches option to generate and save a single PDF file.
  7. When printing the labels to a thermal printer (as configured above), you may need to select the option Fit on the printer dialog page under the sizing options. 

Batch Print Half-Label /Half-Invoices to PDF 

If you want to batch-print half-label/half-invoices to PDF, follow the steps below.

Currently, this feature is only available for Endicia.
  1. Click Menu > Options > Batches tab > Check Save labels to a single batch PDF file and Print label and invoice on half-page on single PDF file > Click Save.batch shipping
  2. Click Menu > Options > Invoice tab > Check Print API label/invoice on half page > Save.invoice settings 


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