Avalara Account Integration


Avalara is a cloud-based software company that provides tax compliance solutions for businesses of all sizes. Their AvaTax solution helps automate transaction tax calculations and the tax filing process. They help businesses stay compliant with tax laws and regulations while reducing the time and resources required to manage tax compliance.

Sellercloud integrates with Avalara AvaTax via API plugins. The integration allows you to send orders from your Sellercloud account to Avalara and take your tax management to the next level.


Before you can activate the integration:

  1. Designate a Company for this integration.
  2. Contact Sellercloud Support.
  3. Request to have the Avalara plugin installed on your server.
  4. Request to have the following custom settings added to your account:

Custom Company Settings

Custom Order Columns

  • AvalaraExported and AvalaraRefundExported – These columns get marked as True on orders that are successfully sent to Avalara.

Custom Product Column (Optional) 

  • AvalaraEntityUseCode – Sends the products entity use code if populated.
  • Tax Code – On product defaults is also sent to Avalara if populated.

Integrate Avalara

Once you activate the plugin by following the steps below, it will start exporting orders to Avalara in Comma-Separated Values (CSV) format on a regular basis. When Avalara registers an order export without errors, Sellercloud updates the queued job with the ID of the batch export on the Avalara service.

Keep the following details in mind:

  • When exported orders are refunded, Sellercloud sends Customer Paid: 0 and Tax: 0.
  • When exported orders are marked as “Tax handled by channel,” Sellercloud sends Tax: 0.

Before you move on, create a Saved Search for orders. Filter by:

  • Company: Choose the company with Avalara custom settings
  • AvalaraExported: False
  • AvalaraRefundExported: False

You can add any other filters to narrow down the scope of the export and send specific types of orders to Avalara.

To create a Scheduled Task that regularly exports orders from Sellercloud to Avalara:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Scheduled Tasks > Manage Scheduled Tasks.
  2. Click the green + icon: Create New Scheduled Task.
  3. Complete as follows:
    1. Click Task Type and select Export Orders.
    2. Set the Task Name.
    3. Select the Company.
    4. Select the Start Time.
    5. Click CREATE.
  4. The following message appears at the bottom of your screen: “Scheduled task created successfully. Click Here to configure the task details.” – click the link.
  5. Click the Edit button on the top right.
  6. In the Details section:
    1. Click the User ID menu and select your ID.
    2. Click the Saved Search menu and select the saved search you created earlier.
    3. Click the Export Via menu and select Avalara API Bulk Order Export.
    4. Check Mark Orders As Exported.
  7. In the Export Options section, leave Export To on None.
  8. In the Frequency section, specify the task frequency. For optimal performance, select a range between thirty minutes and one hour.
  9. In the General section, click the Enable toggle button.
  10. Click Save on the top right.

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