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Sellercloud lets you adjust inventory in both regular warehouses and bin-enabled warehouses. The instructions for both types of adjustments are outlined in the article below.

Check out this video tutorial in our Delta interface!

Adjust Inventory in Regular Warehouses

You can increase or reduce the current inventory of one or multiple products in Sellercloud by following the instructions below. These changes will be reflected accordingly in your inventory movement history.

Make Manual Adjustments

  1. Access Inventory > Manage Inventory.
  2. Open the product you’d like to change the quantity for.
  3. Click Toolbox, and select Warehouse.
  4. All warehouses will be displayed along with the available product inventory. You can use the filters on the top of the page to search for the warehouse you need.
  5. Click the Adjust icon in the related warehouse line.
    Adjust Inventory icon
  6. In the QTY to Adjust field, specify the number of units the Physical Inventory count will be adjusted by.
  7. In the Adjustment Type box, select an appropriate action.
  8. In the Reason field, enter your reason for the inventory adjustment. If the reason you are entering does not yet exist, you can create it by selecting the Add Reason button after entering the new reason.
    Note: To configure additional Reasons, go to Settings > Inventory > Adjustment Reasons. as shown below.
    Configure Adjustment Reasons
  9. Click Save Adjustment.
  10. Alternatively, you can add inventory adjustments by selecting the Adjustments option under the Warehouse tab and clicking on the plus icon to add a new adjustment (see figure below).New Adjustment icon
  11. To see the inventory movements for your products’ warehouses, go to Toolbox > Inventory Movements and refer to the Warehouse Inventory Movements panel.

Make Inventory Adjustments in Bulk

  1. Access Inventory > Tools > Import Inventory Info.
  2. Select Import Inventory Adjustments.
  3.  To download a sample template, click the Download icon on the Import Inventory Adjustments panel.
    Download template for inventory adjustments import
  4. Populate the columns in the downloaded template. Save the data.
    sellercloud import inventory adjustments excel template example
  5. Return to Import Inventory Adjustments window. Select the appropriate file.
  6. Click Import.
  7. To review the SKU’s inventory adjustments in bins, select Inventory Movement from the product’s Toolbox. Refer to the Warehouse Inventory Movements panel.

You can enable the Client Setting Allow to enter cost when adjusting inventory to be able to use the column header Cost to update the cost when adjusting inventory.

To delete existing adjustments, use the column header _ACTION_ and populate it with _DELETE_ in your template.

Adjust Inventory in Bin-Enabled Warehouses

For inventory that is stored in bin-enabled warehouses, you need to adjust the inventory from the warehouse bin in Sellercloud or Skustack.

For more information on adjusting inventory from bins in Skustack, refer to Adjusting Bin Quantities in Skustack.

Make Manual Adjustments

To adjust inventory across bin-enabled warehouses, follow the steps described below.

  1. Access Inventory > Manage Inventory.
  2. Open the product you’d like to change the quantity for.
  3. Click Toolbox, and select Warehouse Bins.
  4. You can narrow down the bins list by Warehouse and Bin Name using the filters at the top of the page.
  5. Click the Adjust Inventory icon, which is next to the requested bin.
    Make Inventory Adjustment in Bin
  6. In the Adjust Inventorydialog box, enter the number of units you want to increase or decrease the inventory by.
  7. Click Adjust.
    Enter Quantity Adjustment
  8. The updated quantity will be reflected in the grid.Updated Quantity
  9. To see the inventory movements for your products’ bins, go to Toolbox > Inventory Movements and refer to the Bin Inventory Movements panel.
    Movement History

Make Inventory Adjustments in Bulk

To adjust inventory in bins across bin-enabled warehouses, follow the steps below.

  1. Access Inventory > Tools > Import Inventory Info.
  2. Select Import Warehouse Bin Info.
  3.  To download a sample template, click the Download icon.
  4. Populate the following columns in the template: WarehouseName, BinName, ProductID, QtyToAdjust, Reason. Save the file.
  5. Return to Import Warehouse Bin Info. Select the appropriate file.
  6. Specify the type of adjustment.
  7. Click Import.Import Inventory Adjustments in BIns
  8. To review the SKU’s inventory adjustments in bins, select Inventory Movement from the product’s Toolbox. Refer to the Bin Inventory Movements panel.

Build Inventory Adjustment Audit Report

You can use the Inventory Adjustment Audit report to review all adjustments made to a product’s inventory. To build the report, go to Reports > Inventory Value > Inventory Adjustment Audit.

Inventory Adjustment Audit Report

Check out this short tour on setting and adjusting physical inventory on individual products in Alpha.

You can easily adjust the physical quantity of a product when needed. For example, if a product was damaged in the warehouse, you simply adjust the inventory to reflect one less by entering -1. If you found more inventory that was previously not entered, you would adjust the quantity accordingly to show more.
To adjust inventory:

  1. On the Product Detail page, click on the Product Warehouse link.
  2. Open the Adjust Inventory tab.
  3. Select a warehouse, and enter an adjustment quantity. To make an adjustment, you must choose an adjustment reason. Adjustment reasons can be saved under the Settings tab by clicking Inventory Adjustment Reasons. All adjustments will be save in the grid below, and will include the quantity of the adjustment, when it was adjusted, and who
    made the adjustment.
  4. Adjust inventory in bulk, click Warehouse Inventory Adjustment on the Inventory menu and download the template. Import the file on this page.
  5. Under the reports tab, you can generate an inventory adjustment audit to track all quantity adjustments made to any product in your system.
  6. Refer to Bin Inventory Movements to see the inventory adjustments across bins. To access, go to Inventory > Manage Inventory > Product. Click the Bin Movement Details option (see figure below).View Movements across Bins

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