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Shopify is an accessible e-commerce platform offering over 100 customizable templates, enabling sellers to swiftly create unique online stores tailored to their specific needs. Sellercloud’s Integration with Shopify lets you easily list items on your Shopify site. Explore our playlist of step-by-step Shopify store video tutorials.

Sellercloud allows you to efficiently manage various listing types on your Shopify store, including individual products, kits, and variations. You can create shadow products to link multiple website listings to a single SKU, ensuring inventory integrity and streamlining your e-commerce operations.

You can also configure product attributes, including descriptions, images, and categories. Sellercloud automatically synchronizes inventory and pricing with Shopify, while also managing Shopify orders, including shipping and packing slips.

Here’s a list of articles where you can find detailed information about our Shopify integration and how to manage your listings, orders, properties, and more:

  • Shopify Account Integration
    • This article covers the process of integrating your Shopify account with Sellercloud and the initial catalog import process. Sellercloud is integrated with Shopify via API.
  • Shopify Account Settings Configuration
    • Here you will learn how to configure your company’s Shopify General Settings. By automating key processes and customizing your workflow, you can not only save valuable time but also enhance overall efficiency.
  • Shopify Product Properties
    • The Product Properties page in Sellercloud lets you easily manage the products you post on your website, configure the listing’s attributes, view inventory, define price, and more.
  • Shopify Categories
    • This article explains the concepts of Shopify Categories and Shopify Smart Collections, and how to configure them for your products. 
  • Shopify Orders
    • This article will guide you through the process of updating your Shopify Orders’ information through Sellercloud.
  • Shopify Locations
    • Here you can find valuable information about Shopify Locations, why you need them, and how to set up and download locations in Sellercloud.
  • Shopify Webhooks
    • Read this article to learn more about Shopify Webhooks and how to configure them in Sellercloud.
  • Shopify Metadata
    • You can configure your Meta Tags and Meta Fields within Sellercloud. This article describes in detail how to perform this and set up your data.

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