• Amazon Transparency Service

    Overview Amazon Transparency is a product serialization service that helps identify individual products in order to prevent counterfeit items from reaching your customers. This is a global Amazon service, so once your products are enrolled, they will be protected regardless of the marketplace. However, currently, there are country-based restrictions regarding…

  • Kit Products

    Sellercloud supports the creation of kits. A kit is comprised of products called Components or Children. Kits can consist of multiple units of a single product or a group of different products.

  • Splitting an Order

    The Split Order action divides an order into two separate orders. This is useful when order items need to be shipped from different locations or when a partial payment is made.

  • WooCommerce Account Integration

    Sellercloud integrates with WooCommerce via client-supplied FTP. Sellercloud will upload new products, inventory, and tracking documents and download orders.

  • Wayfair Orders Overview

    The article covers Wayfair orders: adjusting channel settings at the company level.