• Employee Security Templates

    Employee Security Templates in Sellercloud allow you to define a complete set of permissions that can be easily applied to any employee. This simplifies the permissions management process across multiple users and ensures each employee has the appropriate access to carry out their tasks while withholding access to irrelevant or sensitive information.

  • Reebelo API Account Integration

    Overview Reebelo is a leading online retailer of new and refurbished phones, tablets, and other electronics. You can integrate your Reebelo account with Sellercloud via API. The connection allows regular Inventory and price updates, posting new products, order import, and tracking export. We currently support two separate types of Reebelo…

  • Houzz Locations

    Overview Houzz Locations is a feature that allows you to manage and track inventory across multiple physical locations. It helps fulfill orders from the closest or most appropriate location, track inventory levels, and manage stock transfers. This article explains how to set up and map your Houzz Locations in Sellercloud….

  • TikTok Shop Account Integration

    Overview TikTok is a popular short-form video platform that has rapidly evolved into a thriving marketplace where brands and sellers can showcase their products to a massive and highly engaged audience. We have built a new integration that supports listing upload, order management, and inventory updates. Integrating Sellercloud with TikTok…

  • FBA Opportunities Report

    In this article, you will learn about Sellercloud’s FBA Opportunities Report. This report gathers your FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant) sales data and identifies SKUs you may want to consider selling via FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon).

  • Reebelo Legacy FTP Account Integration

    You can integrate your Reebelo account with Sellercloud through customized Profiles and Scheduled Tasks. The workflow allows regular Inventory and price updates, order import, and tracking export.

  • Word2PDF Labels

    Word2PDF (WordToPDF)is a convenient Sellercloud feature that lets you generate and print customized Product Labels directly into PDF format. You can build your own custom template by following the steps in this topic.

  • OK to Ship Workflow

    Depending on your preferences and the structure of your operations, you can implement an additional verification step into your workflow for processing orders.