• TikTok Shop Account Integration

    Overview TikTok is a popular short-form video platform that has rapidly evolved into a thriving marketplace where brands and sellers can showcase their products to a massive and highly engaged audience. We have built a new integration that supports listing upload, order management, and inventory updates. Integrating Sellercloud with TikTok…

  • Reebelo Account Integration

    You can integrate your Reebelo account with Sellercloud through customized Profiles and Scheduled Tasks. The workflow allows regular Inventory and price updates, order import, and tracking export.

  • Word2PDF Labels

    Word2PDF (WordToPDF)is a convenient Sellercloud feature that lets you generate and print customized Product Labels directly into PDF format. You can build your own custom template by following the steps in this topic.

  • OK to Ship Workflow

    Depending on your preferences and the structure of your operations, you can implement an additional verification step into your workflow for processing orders.

  • Consolidate FBA Inbound Shipments

    Typically, Amazon often splits your inventory across multiple locations. With the use of this workflow, you can consolidate your whole FBA Inbound Shipment to a single Fulfillment Center. In contrast to the Inventory Placement Service, this feature does not incur any costs.

  • Payment and Credit Terms

    Payment and Credit Terms are the conditions that indicate when a payment is due, primarily associated with invoices. Payment Terms are set on your Vendors and POs, and reflect the agreements between you and your vendor. Similarly, Credit Terms are set on your Wholesale Customers, and reflect the agreement between you and the buyer regarding when a payment should be made.

  • DHL eCommerce Account Integration

    DHL eCommerce (formerly DHL Global Mail) is a shipping consolidator delivery provider that offers domestic shipping within the U.S. and international shipping. Similar to UPS Mail Innovations and FedEx SmartPost, DHL eCommerce does the initial pickup from the customer and ships the package to a regional location.

  • Amazon Transparency Service

    Overview Amazon Transparency is a product serialization service that helps identify individual products in order to prevent counterfeit items from reaching your customers. This is a global Amazon service, so once your products are enrolled, they will be protected regardless of the marketplace. However, currently, there are country-based restrictions regarding…

  • Kit Products

    Sellercloud supports the creation of kits. A kit is comprised of products called Components or Children. Kits can consist of multiple units of a single product or a group of different products.

  • Splitting an Order

    The Split Order action divides an order into two separate orders. This is useful when order items need to be shipped from different locations or when a partial payment is made.