• Shipping Containers Cost

    Overview Sellercloud streamlines the receiving process for a higher volume of Purchase Orders by consolidating them into Shipping Containers. Sellercloud’s Containers Cost feature allows you to enter different cost on container level, to easily reflect them in the Products Average Cost. Container Costs Container shipment costs, duties, tariffs, and other…

  • Net32 Account Intergration

    Overview Net32 is an online dental and medical supply marketplace that connects medical professionals with suppliers. The platform offers a wide range of items, including dental instruments, disposables, pharmaceuticals, and office supplies, and allows users to compare prices, read product reviews, and make secure online purchases. The integration between Sellercloud…

  • Bonanza Categories and Traits

    Bonanza Categories and Traits are specific attributes or characteristics that are relevant to your product and are used to define and enhance your Bonanza listing.

  • Feedvisor Account Integration

    Overview Feedvisor is an online platform that provides algorithmic repricing and business intelligence solutions. Their primary goal is to empower online retailers by leveraging AI technology to automate and optimize their pricing and selling strategies. The integration between Sellercloud and Feedvisor is established via API, ultimately achieving better results and…

  • Ace Hardware Account Integration

    Ace Hardware Account Integration allows you to sell on their platform through Sellercloud. This integration works through EDI documents, transmitting information between the two services.

  • Unknown Product Orders

    Unknown Product Orders are orders that include at least one SKU that doesn’t currently exist in Sellercloud. If you have active listings that do not have a corresponding Sellercloud product, they get imported with orders and flagged as an Unknown Product.

  • Walmart DSV Account Settings Configuration

    By automating key processes and customizing your workflow, you can not only save valuable time but also enhance overall efficiency. This article describes all of the available Walmart DSV General Settings in Sellercloud and includes links to related articles for more information.

  • FBA Opportunities Report

    In this article, you will learn about Sellercloud’s FBA Opportunities Report. This report gathers your FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant) sales data and identifies SKUs you may want to consider selling via FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon).

  • Michaels Account Integration

    Michaels is an American arts and crafts retail chain and online store selling various arts and crafts supplies, including paints, yarn, frames, beads, and more. Sellercloud connects to Michaels by utilizing custom-built API plugins.