• Manage Payments in ShipBridge

    Introducing ShipBridge Payments ShipBridge imports paid orders from numerous channels, such as Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, Newegg, etc., into a single interface where they can all be fulfilled. In ShipBridge, you can easily find relevant information about payments and initiate refunds to your customers. Viewing how much the customer paid for…

  • Ship an Order through ShipBridge Overview

    ShipBridge is a robust Sellercloud solution for shipping orders. You can easily ship orders in any way that’s convenient for you. This article provides an overview of the main ShipBridge functionality

  • Product Inventory Reserves

    You can set aside an inventory amount to be used for a selected channel or customer. This inventory amount is called product inventory reserve. The reserve has a specified quantity and a time period during which it is active.

  • Remove Products from Sellercloud

    You have the option to remove products from Sellercloud that you no longer wish to use by deleting them. Alternatively, you can make the products Inactive.

  • Manage Channel Payments

    Overview The Manage Channel Payments page lets you: See all channel payments added/applied to channel invoices Search for specific channel payments using the provided filters Click each channel Payment ID to open its Payment Details (to see payment history and/or apply it to channel invoices) To access this page, click Customers > Channel Customers > Manage Channel…

  • Manage Channel Invoices

    Overview The Manage Channel Invoices page lets you: See all channel invoices created for channel customers Search for specific channel invoices using the provided filters Select invoices and choose to delete or mark as exported/unexported to QuickBooks Click each Invoice ID to open its Invoice Details To access this page,…

  • Add Groupon Chargebacks to Channel Invoice Payments

    Overview Please read first! This feature is only available in Sellercloud’s original interface, and will not be available in the Delta version. This step in the Channel Invoice workflow is only relevant for Groupon sellers. Groupon sellers are subject to various penalties, or chargebacks, on Groupon orders. Chargebacks are levied for such reasons as…

  • Product Documents

    Sellercloud allows you to attach associated documents and files to a product profile. These might include instructions, diagrams, warranty information, or other accompanying documentation.

  • Shipped by Newegg (SBN) Account Integration

    Shipped by Newegg.com (SBN) is a fulfillment service that is both efficient and price-conscious. There are three steps to start using this feature: Set up your SBN seller account, Create an SBN shipment and Generate a shipping label.