• UPS WorldShip Setup

    To use UPS as a shipping carrier in ShipBridge, you can configure it by choosing UPS WorldShip or UPS Web Services as the shipping generator. This article will guide you through the steps of configuring UPS WorldShip in ShipBridge.

  • eBay Listings Management

    Learn how to prepare a product for listing on eBay, as well as post and update products and variations in Sellercloud.

  • Manage your eBay Store

    In this article you will learn how to manage your eBay store, first by choosing the best business policy for each product listing, and then by using both the eBay Deals program and eBay Markdown Manager to increase sales.

  • Prepare a Product for eBay

    In this article you will learn how to make a product ready for eBay by managing the required settings, enabling the product on the channel, and setting Item Specifics and eBay categories.

  • Get Product Info from eBay

    In this article, you will learn how to get product information from eBay and view related inventory in the active listings report automatically downloaded to Sellercloud.

  • eBay Account Integration

    Linking your eBay seller account with Sellercloud consists of integrating your eBay account and configuring your eBay settings in Sellercloud.

  • eBay Orders Overview

    You can manage unpaid eBay orders, customer feedback, and rush services from your Sellercloud account without needing to log into your eBay seller account. eBay orders and tracking information can be pulled into Sellercloud automatically per company.

  • eBay Managed Payments

    Managed payments helps sellers streamline their business on eBay, and simplifies the experience for both buyers and sellers. Sellercloud automatically verifies that you are using Managed Payments.

  • Replenishable Products

    This feature is helpful for SKUs that are consistently restocked or tend to restock quickly. It allows your listings to remain active and prevents you from missing out on potential sales, especially for hot-selling products.