• FBA Shipments – Import from Amazon

    Instead of creating an FBA Shipment in Sellercloud, you also can choose to create and prepare your shipment in Seller Central and then import it in Sellercloud. Once you’ve completed the shipment in Seller Central, Sellercloud makes importing it easy and will ensure that inventory is deducted properly based on what you have shipped to Amazon.

  • Miva Account Integration

    Miva is a private e-commerce shopping cart software that allows merchants to build their online store through a web browser. Learn how to integrate Miva with your Sellercloud account in this article.

  • Variation Dimensions

    A dimension refers to the different sizes or colors of a variation. For example, a dimension name could be the size, color, or flavors of a product.

  • eBay Listings: Motors

    eBay has a dedicated site for vehicles and vehicle parts called eBay Motors. You can add the eBay Motors Company to the Sellercloud eBay US company and post products to eBay Motors. The site gives customers the ability to search for any part based on compatibility with a specific vehicle.

  • Groupon Marketplace Orders Overview

    Upon integration with the Groupon Marketplace, you can post products on the Groupon Marketplace, track your inventory, and manage Groupon Marketplace orders within the Sellercloud interface.

  • NewEgg Documents and Reports

    Overview Newegg documents store all communication between Sellercloud and the channel, which includes product posting, inventory, price updates, and tracking information. You can troubleshoot common issues by checking error messages in returned documents that have been sent to Newegg. View NewEgg Documents and Reports You can manage NewEgg documents from…

  • NewEgg Account Settings Overview

    By automating key processes and customizing your workflow, you can not only save valuable time but also enhance overall efficiency. This article describes all of the available Newegg General Settings in Sellercloud and includes links to related articles for more information.

  • eBay Products: Identifiers

    For certain product categories, eBay requires sellers to include product identifiers like brand names, MPNs, and different GTINs to improve items, search visibility, and the customer experience of finding and buying products. Read more about product identifier requirements

  • Magento Conduit

    Overview Products, inventory, and orders are managed within Sellercloud, which in turn updates Magento. This relationship will send orders from Sellercloud to Magento, and tracking from Magento to Sellercloud. Products can also be created from Magento, and inventory can be synced from Magento to Sellercloud. This configuration, known as Magento…

  • eBay Promoted Listings

    You can boost the visibility and performance of your listings on eBay by creating promoted listings. Learn how to view, edit and create eBay marketing campaigns in Sellercloud.