Update Advanced Catalog Info


This endpoint can be used to update advanced catalog data of a single existing product. To update advanced catalog data for multiple products in bulk, please utilize this endpoint instead.

To consume this endpoint you must be an authenticated user. For information on how you can authenticate, see: Authentication. The token you receive when authenticating needs to be passed to this call.


For the TT server the endpoint is: https://tt.api.sellercloud.com/rest/api/Catalog/AdvancedInfo

For your server the endpoint will be: https://{your_server_id}.api.sellercloud.com/rest/api/Catalog/AdvancedInfo


Method Type: HttpPut
Authorization: Use Bearer Token + token received from token authentication
Header info: Content-Type: application/json

ParameterData TypeDescriptionRequired
ProductIDstringID of existing ProductYes
FieldsListList of product fields to updateYes
Field.NamestringField Name. The supported fields are the same fields that are supported in the Delta ‘Catalog -> Import Product Info -> Bulk Product Update’ functionality (See screenshot below). A list of fields is also accessible here.Yes
Field.ValuestringField Value. This is the value that the field should be set to.Yes


  • If user is authenticated and the request is successful, then response will be Status Code 200 => OK with a json body similar to the Response Body below.
  • If user is not authenticated, then response will be Status Code 401 => Not Valid Token
  • In case of error, response will be Status Code 500 => Internal Server Error

Response Body:

ProductID – ID of the updated product
UpdatedSucessfully – Boolean indicating if the product update was successfully processed by the system
ErrorMessage – Error message, in case of unsuccessfully updated product
Field.Name – Field name of the updated field
Field.OriginalValue – Field value before the update
Field.NewValue – Field value after the update
Field.ErrorMessage – Error message, in the case when the field was not successfully updated

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