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In order to get information for output file of a single queued job, you can consume the endpoint presented in this article. In order to consume it, you must:

  • Be authenticated user

For information on how you can authenticate, see: Authentication

As soon as you do authentication and receive a valid token, it needs to be passed on the call for receiving a single queued job information.

  • Have valid ID of an existing queued job


Example for such endpoint for TT server is:{id}

For your server endpoint will be:



  • Method Type: HttpGet
  • Authorization: Use Bearer Token + token received from token authentication
  • Header info: Content-Type: application/json
  • Parameters: ID of the existing queued job
ParameterData TypeDescriptionIs Required
idintegerID of existing queued jobYes



  • If user is authenticated and provides a valid ID of job, then response will be Status Code 200 => OK and encoded array of bytes, which represent the file content.That response content should be decoded from base-64 and array of bytes can be used to save and open the file.
    Name of the file and its extension are stored in the content header as ContentDisposition item
  • If user is not authenticated, then response will be Status Code 401 => Not Valid Token
  • On server response => Status Code 500 => Internal Server Error

Demo in c#

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