Get Custom Company Settings


This endpoint can be used to get the complete list of custom company settings and their values for a specific company.

To consume the endpoint, you must:

  • Be an authenticated user.

For information on how you can authenticate, see Authentication.

After you authenticate and receive a valid token, you must pass it to service calls.


An example of this endpoint for XX server is:


For your server, the endpoint will be:

  • https://{your_server_id}{id}/CustomSettings


  • Method Type: HttpGet
  • Authorization: Use Bearer Token (where ‘Token’ is the token received from the token authentication)
  • Header info: Content-Type: application/json
ParameterParameter TypeData TypeDescriptionRequired
idpathintegerID of the targeted companyyes


  • If the user is authenticated and the request is successful, the response is Status Code 200 => OK
  • If the user is not authenticated, the response is Status Code 401 => Invalid Token
  • In case of an error, the response is Status Code 500 => Internal Server Error
  • In case of an incorrect request, the response is Status Code 400 => Bad Request

Response Body

Note that if Mask Value is enabled for a setting, the setting’s value will be hidden (displayed as asterisk signs) in the response body.

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